How to Overcome Clutter & Chaos with Sheri Bertolini

Bertolini kitchen 5x7

I am so excited to introduce you to one of our contributing experts for the SBF Revolution Challenge, Sheri Bertolini! I recently interviewed Sheri about clutter, living intentionally, her book My Intentional Life, and I asked her what …

3 Stretches to De-Stress at the Office


When you’re at the office or at your home computer (or anywhere) feeling stressed or like you need a release of tension, do these three light stretches.


Stand up and bring arms behind your back.  Lightly clasp hands, pull shoulder …

SBF Thigh Blasting Workout


Tone and define your inner and outer thighs and more with this quick, three part workout.  Al you need is something sturdy to hold onto, a mat, and a light hand weight.  Make sure you’re warm before you begin.


Holding …

SBF Revolution Challenge


Let’s start a revolution! Join me on August 11th for a 6 week challenge that will push us to change the way we think about ourselves. It is time we stand together, stop believing the lies that are fed to …

Palais des Thes Product Review & Giveaway


It was Christmastime, lightly snowing, and I was walking around Soho, my favorite place on earth, when I stumbled upon Palais des Thes. This small French tea shop on Prince Street was incredibly welcoming as I escaped the snow and …

Total Body Barre Workout w/ Weights


This total body barre workout can be done anywhere you have a ledge or some support for balance. You’ll need a mat, some light hand weights (I am using two pounds) and a stopwatch or stopwatch app on your smartphone. …

Super Antioxidant Berry Lemonade Popsicles & Contest


It is now officially summer and the heat is on! With summertime activities and busy schedules, I am always looking for fun new ways to incorporated nutrient dense foods into my children’s diet that are simple and refreshing. We recently …

Total Body Barre Workout with Band


This workout is barre-based and uses a band instead of a barre. If you’re new to barre, you can hold onto something for support while you get the leg part down first and then add in the band once you …

DoMatcha Product Review & Giveaway!


This spring I decided I wanted to clean up my morning routine by switching over from coffee to tea.  I have nothing against coffee at all but it just hadn’t been sitting well or satisfying to me in the mornings. …

Stress Free Stretch


I want to start this post off by saying, if you ever get the chance to visit Tennessee you must look into staying at the Storybook Cottage in beautiful Leipers Fork just outside of Franklin. We shot the images for …