SBF 4 Week Holiday Challenge

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On December 1st I am kicking off the 4 Week SBF Holiday Challenge where we’ll be working out together in my special Holiday challenge workout plan as well as considering the art of giving during this season. The #SBFfitforfall Challenge …

SBF | Pin It To Win It Contest

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It’s already week 3 of the SBF Fit for Fall Challenge! Time is flying and I am loving all of the incredible posts of gratitude, inspiration, workout check-ins and encouragement. This challenge has truly been changing my mindset and I …

Upcoming Barre Classes in Music City


I am so excited to be traveling to Nashville, TN, to teach and film live classes on November 15th and 16th (Saturday and Sunday) at the BarreAmped Nashville West Studio and I would LOVE for you to take part. We …

Interval Cardio Fat Burn Workout | 5 Moves to Slim and Tone

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This Interval Cardio Fat Burn Workout can be done anytime, anywhere. You’ll need a stopwatch or stopwatch app, a good pair of shoes, and some water. Listen to your body and perform these moves with good form. Do not move …

Sculpt Your Back With This SBF Elevated Back Toner


Find a sturdy countertop, banister or wall mounted ballet barre that is at a standard height. This slow and controlled workout is as much about breath as it is about toning the back.


Place hands on the top of the …

Tighten and Tone the Upper Body with this Lean & Sleek Barre Arms Workout


This quick, upper body barre inspired arm workout can be done at the gym, at home, or even at the office on your lunch break. Be sure to warm up prior to starting with a walk or jog in place …

Behind The Scenes – What It Takes To Make A Top Selling Fitness DVD


I want to take you behind the scenes on the set of my latest DVD shoot for the BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn DVD that will be released in November 2014 and the new Prenatal DVD that will be released at …

Jenna Miller on Style, Confidence and Discovering Your Inner Beauty


I recently talked with Nashville based stylist, Jenna Miller. She is the owner of Refashion, a popular website about style, fashion and being your best from the inside out! I interviewed Jenna about fashion,¬†confidence, the battle to discover your …

How to Overcome Clutter & Chaos with Sheri Bertolini

Bertolini kitchen 5x7

I am so excited to introduce you to one of our contributing experts for the SBF Revolution Challenge, Sheri Bertolini! I recently interviewed Sheri about clutter, living intentionally, her book My Intentional Life, and I asked her what …

3 Stretches to De-Stress at the Office


When you’re at the office or at your home computer (or anywhere) feeling stressed or like you need a release of tension, do these three light stretches.


Stand up and bring arms behind your back. ¬†Lightly clasp hands, pull shoulder …