New SBF Food Guide Created by Trim Healthy Mama

New SBF Food Guide Created by Trim Healthy Mama

A while back I reached out to Serene and Pearl, creators of Trim Healthy Mama, and asked them for help based on my lifestyle and the type of workouts I do and teach. I was sent a pre-released copy of both books and a personal seven day plan. I was excited when they enthusiastically agreed to let me pass along the plan they personally made for me to YOU! This seven day plan was created with SBF in mind, and they know my method well since they do my workouts.

I didn’t have any diet limitations but if you do, or if you feel like you want to swap out a meal for something else, just use this plan as a guide. It will be important that you sub out the same “type” of meal if you are wanting to follow this plan (which I recommend if you are new to THM, so I have included the type of meal (S,E,FP) beside each recipe in the list.

We’ve also included a cheat sheet that you can cut out and take to the supermarket or to use when planning your meals.

We selected and tired a few favorite recipes to include in the guide, but I highly recommend you get the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book and Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. Reading the book is invaluable to the understanding of the ins and outs of this plan. This guide is to give you a taste and a starting  point based on our style of working out.

Thank you so much to Serene and Pearl for providing the SBF Community with this custom plan!

xoxo Suzanne

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