Apr 23

Are You Working your Arms Today? Make Sure Your Curl Is the Best!

Best Form in Bicep Curls

You might already know what I believe about exercise but if you don’t or if I may reiterate, form is everything when it comes to getting the best and fastest results.  Here is a very quick video for doing Biceps Curls.  Make sure your foundation is solid, you engage the powerhouse and keep your movement… Read More

Apr 11

Tips for Adding Balancing Exercises to Your Workouts

Best Form in Seesaw

I am a big fan of working at the level that you can perform well.  Of course I want to push myself and work really hard but I also listen to my body and I try to understand 1/ What muscles or body parts are supposed to be working 2/ What the exercise is and… Read More

Apr 8

The Right Way to Do a Side Lunge

The Right Way to Do a Side Lunge

Lunges with one leg straight (either a side lunge or a front lunge) are a great way to work your thighs and your glutes. But you want to make sure your form is perfect to keep yourself safe! Check out this free advice for form in side lunges.

Apr 3

Free Form Advice for Working the Back of the Shoulders

Best Form for Back and Shoulder

Working the back of the shoulder is important but often done poorly.  You should always pay close attention to form.  Make sure you bend your knees, hinge the pelvis over the legs, maintain a neutral spine and move through the proper “plane.”  Hopefully this video will help you get better results and help you improve… Read More

Mar 25

Form for the Side Forearm Plank

Best Form in Side Plank

Form is key to all exercise but especially key to any of the plank exercises. In this video I teach you how to set up the Side Forearm Plank which will work the arms, shoulders, back, core, hips and inner thighs. You can use this form reference in the Gorgeous Core workout!

Mar 23

Quick Free Lean Arm Workout

Intense Arm Workout

All you need for this workout is a few minutes and a light set of weights. (I used 4 lbs).  Definitely watch your form, find your base and keep connected to your Powerhouse!

Feb 2

Five Minute Ab Workout FREE!

Here is a great, quick, effective ab workout that doesn’t neglect the lower back.  Enjoy and let me know if you feel it in the next day or two!  Make sure not to pull on your neck and not to lower the shoulder carriage all the way down to the mat to relax.  You should… Read More

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