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What’s Included

Joining SBF is like having your own personal trainer available around-the-clock, for less than 36 cents day! Here’s what’s inside:

Workout Plans

Dozens of online workout plans that match your fitness goals, skill level, and workout frequency.

Seasonal Challenges

Keep your routines fresh and stay fit all year long with SBF’s ongoing seasonal challenges.

Custom Workout Builder

Quickly filter hundreds of videos to create your own custom workout for as many days as you'd like.

Exclusive Online Community

Get encouragement from others like you and share your results on our members-only Facebook Group.

SBF Food Guide

This guide is easy to follow and easy to understand with recipes and knowledge to help you make informed choices.

Prenatal Workouts

A collection of prenatal workout videos designed to keep you fit throughout pregnancy.

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Meet Suzanne Bowen

Suzanne brings the form, focus and precision she learned from Lotte Berk Method into general fitness with a balanced, full body workout encompassing strength, cardio & flexibility.

Under the SBF brand, Suzanne has created BarreAmped, an internationally taught barre technique as well as Seren Motus, a mind-body alignment method.

Suzanne is also the creator of numerous top selling fitness DVDs and online streaming classes, and has been featured on some of the world’s most promiment fitness and news publications…

Fitness Magazine
Pilates Style
Shape Magazine
USA Today
Family Circle
Woman's Day


See what our members have to say about their transformative experiences with online workouts from Suzanne Bowen Fitness.

  • Jill H Homepage

    “I am super happy and proud to share that in my first 30 days I have lost 4.4 lbs and 13 inches! I look forward to my workouts with enthusiasm and not once have they felt like a burden or a chore. Thank you so much to Suzanne for keeping me challenged, learning and changing.”

    Jill H

  • Bethany Home

    It wasn’t until I got married and moved to Tennessee that I found SBF and Suzanne’s method BarreAmped. I was looking for something to help tone and strengthen, but little did I know my mindset and life was about to radically change. I have found a new freedom and confidence that I never even realized was missing.

    Bethany R

  • Julie Homepage

    I just wanted to thank Suzanne for a wonderful online streaming workout program! After starting her challenges and making some other changes, I have lost 20 pounds!


Get a full week of SBF delivered straight to your inbox.

Video workouts • Inspiration • And more!

No credit card required!

Try a Sample Workout Plan

Here's a glimpse into the first few days of one our many workout plans. Give it a try before you join!

Jumpstart in 7: Foundations

Discover the basics of the SBF method while challenging your body and learning what “Shake to Change!” means.

  • Length 7 days
  • Goal Wellness
  • Level Beginner
  • Day 1 Barre HIIT Circuit

    This is a very freestyle, advanced/intermediate workout that is a circuit (aka mix) of barre, compound strength, and HIIT cardio. You’ll need a stable surface, a mat, light weights, water, and SBF ball (for one of the moves but don’t worry if you don’t have it). Minimal set up. I get completely fatigued by this routine. Hope you enjoy!

 Click a day to change videos

Day 1 Barre HIIT Circuit 39m Day 2 Seat Work Mat Target 17m Day 3 Int-Adv Total Barre 28m
Day 4 Feel Good Cardio 30m
Day 5 Mat Pilates for Lower 24m
Day 6 Upper Body 8 12m
Day 7 Relaxation Affirmation 25m

Get a full week of SBF delivered straight to your inbox.

Video workouts • Inspiration • And more!

No credit card required!


Here are some of the most common questions people ask about SBF:

  • Suzanne has created custom workout plans designed to slim down, tone, and strengthen. These plans are simple and automatic, so you don’t even have to think about it. Just login and do your workout every day! The options really are endless.
  • You can cancel your membership at ANYTIME with one click. You simply log into your account and click on “members”. There you will see an option to “cancel my membership”. Click there and you are done. It really is that simple!
  • No! There is no credit card required! Simply choose whether you want to try beginner or advanced, enter your email, and we will send you a sample of our 350+ workouts straight to your mailbox.
  • The online community is a private Facebook Group for SBF Members where you can connect with others from all over the world! The members that participate in the group give encouragement, check in with their daily workouts, share recipes and articles and also talk about the changes they are experiencing! It really is so motivational.

Get a full week of SBF delivered straight to your inbox.

Video workouts • Inspiration • And more!

No credit card required!