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About the Workouts

 Over 350 Videos

Everyone who joins SBF has instant access to over 350 workout videos from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. Here's a quick teaser video showing a variety of workouts:

Our videos range from about 6 mintues to an hour, and are easy to filter by difficuly and duration as well as:

  • Target Area: arms, legs, core, butt, and more
  • Workout type: barre, mat, cardio, stretch, and more
  • Equipment: weights, ball, trampoline, and more
  • Goal: weight loss, sculpting, improving balancing, and more

 Dozens of Workout Plans

We currently offer a variety of both 7-day and 28-day plans including 4 days-a-week and 7 days-a-week options.

We’ve also got a simple plan-finder to help you find the plans that best match your fitness goals, skill level, and workout frequency.

Plus, we’re always adding new workout plans to keep things fresh.

 Seasonal Challenges

No matter the season, we will help you stay on track with our Seasonal Challenges like our Summer Barre Bootcamp.

Our Challenges start and end on a specific date, and are designed to keep you motivated throughout.

Best of all, you can always turn to our amazing online community for an addition “kick” to help you stay on track.

 Custom Workout Builder

Can’t find the perfect workout plan for you? No problem. Our custom workout builder lets you quickly create the perfect plan.

You’ll have access to our complete video library and the power to choose exactly what videos appear on what order for each day of your plan.

With the custom workout builder, how intensly and how often you work out is entirely up to you.

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