12 Week Detox the Stress New Year's Fitness Challenge

12 Week Detox the Stress New Year’s Fitness Challenge

Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2017 and all it holds for SBF and BarreAmped and I am most excited that I get to share all of that with you!

On January 16th we will be kicking off the 12 Week Detox the Stress New Year’s Fitness Challenge. We will be spending the first 6 weeks powering off the extra noise in our lives (like excessive social media and television etc…) and making space for the things that will lead to a healthier lifestyle – physically and emotionally. We will be eliminating things in our lives that zap our energy and begin (or continue) to fill our bodies with quality nutrition and perform quality exercise. I am so excited that we are also releasing our brand new food guide that is a collaboration with Trim Healthy Mama! Get ready to dive in and talk about the things that our bodies are begging us for and let’s walk together on a journey to lower stress levels, higher energy and positivity, and stronger minds and muscles! The second half of the challenge we will be reflecting and refining the changes we made in the first 6 weeks to work them into a true lifestyle!

All you need to participate in this challenge is:

-> SBF Streaming Membership  – New members can use coupon code HAPPYNEWYEAR to receive their first month for just $4.99. What?! That’s a steal of a deal.

-> A mat or something to workout on.

-> Something to hold onto like the back of a couch, counter, or bar.

-> A light set of hand weights

SIGN UP BELOW! You will receive your welcome email immediately and later this week you will receive our brand new food guide to help with your meal planning! This includes a plan created for SBF by Trim Healthy Mama! The weekend before the challenge begins we will email you the 12 weekly workout schedules that you can print or save, along with additional information to Detox the Stress! Be sure to SIGN UP below so you receive everything you need to succeed!


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