2 Week Booty Blast Challenge

2 Week Booty Blast Challenge

This quick 2 week power packed challenge will be kicking off JULY 18TH!!

I am so excited to emphasize the back body for this upcoming interim challenge. As a modern culture, we usually spend far too much time sitting, rounding the back, sitting on top of our “tails” with an internal rotation of the arms, shortened hip and knee flexors, and forward head posture. These things create tightness in the joints on the front side of the body and compression many different points in the vertebrae. Not only will this create poor posture, but it can also lead to pain in the body.

This image of my lying over an exercise ball almost gives off the impression that life has gotten the best of me and I want to give up. However, this stretch is an amazing way to relax in a way that offers back support from the ball and can be used after a workout, after sitting at a desk or steering wheel for hours, or when you actually do feel those times where you want to give up! De-stressing and rest are key to a healthy body and fitness regimen

Also, some of us spend far too much time focusing on six pack abs, strong push-ups, and quad exercises which is a double whammy when you think about how sitting and slouching can be compounded by overuse of these front body muscles.

Most of us need to extend our spines, externally rotate our arms and hips, and straighten our legs so that the knees are straight and not bent.

The below stretch is a good option for all of these things to occur without too much effort or acquired flexibility. If you know you are tall and or tight, make sure the ball is big enough to support you more. My ball is medium here and the appropriate size. 

Lie on the ball for up to five minutes. Play your favorite relaxing music. Close your eyes. Relax your jaw and eyes and expressions. Breathe. 

To get out of this stretch, bend knees and hips forward which will bring your head into a supported position to come up without straining your neck.

Let me know how you like this stretch. It’s one of my favorites!



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