My Breville Tea Maker Is one of my most favorite appliances in the kitchen. See how you could have amazing, foolproof teas, too!

Breville Makes the Coolest Tea Maker in the World!

Breville Tea Maker

Drinking all kinds of teas is a wonderful way to get amazing antioxidants into your diet.  It’s also a way to trade out bad things (like Diet Coke) for good things (like organic white tea with stevia).  I have become such a tea drinker over the last year thanks in part to my friend who taught me that there is a true art to brewing teas.  While she can use her little Japanese cast iron pots and a thermometer and brew perfect tea, I just don’t have time to learn that art.  #toobusy!

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, I believe less is more.  But when I visited a recent tea store, I fell in love with the Breville One Touch Tea Maker.  It is a foolproof way to make tea with steeping times and temperatures built right in.  In the video below, I started with green tea and ended with Oolong.  (The beauty of editing video!).  Don’t laugh.  Just watch how amazing this tea maker is.  I love this thing!  It is at the top of my appliance list and that is saying a lot since I have good appliances as my kitchen is the hub of healthy living for my family!



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