Congratulations To Our Winner!

Congratulations To Our Winner!

The Grand Prize Winner of the SBF Be Your Best You Transformation Challenge is…

Ewa Zyto!

Read her testimonial below and see her physical transformation in her before and after photos.

It feels strange to admit, but I am surprised how I feel at the end of this…
And the reason is, instead of feeling like I reached a destination, it feels
more like I just found the right path to a better me. Yes, of course I feel
proud I was able to do this, because before I started it, I thought it was
insane of me to commit to any regular fitness plan like that! Juggling the
beginning of the preschool year, busy with kids and new schedules,
gymnastics, pick-ups, drop offs and tons of work on my ever messy home
office desk (this is my dump zone, I can’t even imagine how I can be
productive surrounded by such chaos). I was very fearful of failure going
into this, because on a regular basis I try to exercise three times per
week (barre classes at local fitness club) but any time an unpredicted
thing happened (e.g. sick kid – I can’t bring her to baby sitting room –
result: I lose a week, then the other daughter catches the germ – there
goes another week…) There have been times I lost entire month of
classes! So I would catch a workout or two on SBF fitness instead, but
not until I was completely caught up with the office work that was
postponed due to kids’ sickness. But this time around, I am
miraculously supposed to commit to four one-hour workouts a week?


Despite the fear and load of responsibilities, I went for it. What the heck!
The worst I can do is drop out when things are not working out.
So, what did I learn about myself during this process? This
transformation not only helped me shed 13.5 lbs. – bringing me just half
a pound away from my wedding day weight of 130lbs. It made me more
organized and productive in other aspects of my life, because I needed
other things around me to be taken care of before I thought about taking
an online class that benefits only me and not the whole family (this
attitude evolved too, by the way, I no longer think that my workouts
benefit just me – since my improved productivity and attention to
remaining parts of my life benefited them as well, and everybody enjoyed
healthy meals for over a month and a half!!)

Even my husband dropped 10lbs as a byproduct of my journey, and
that’s with his unlimited once a week pizza on Football Sundays.
But all of this didn’t happen right away. It took time for things to
organically fall into place. I even found time to clean up my home office
(over a week ago) and I no longer dread walking in there. All this was
achieved among lots of unpredictable things (kids did get sick once, not
too bad though) and stress over accidentally discovering that our new
house foundation has a one-inch horizontal crack across the entire
backyard wall! The demolition and repair process is under way, and the
old me would have definitely quit fitness in stressful times like this to
focus on the issue and therefore have an excuse to forget about my
needs. Ironically though, having the strength from SBF helped me
navigate through this problem without destructive panic.

By becoming an SBFer I could actually accomplish more tasks in my
everyday life and at the same time achieve a better physique – more
toned than I have ever been!! It sounds almost impossible, but I feel like
I unclogged my life! See the analogy to Jonathan Bailor’s “Smarter
Science of Slim”? By undertaking this fitness challenge (having more on
my metaphoric and literal plate) – I was able to complete more things
almost like I was on fire (as in burning more fat in Jonathan’s smart

Thank you to Suzanne Bowen and all the advise from the experts!
Thanks to Bethany for talking me into participating when I emailed her a
calorie question. Now I understand the calorie myth and I am no longer
thinking in these categories.

Food guide played a huge role in it, too! Spaghetti squash and walnut
crusted salmon are staying on my menu forever:). Veggies, Greek yogurt,
cottage cheese, nuts and fruits are my favorite snacks now and while
eating with a purpose, I literally visualize those rich nutrients feeding my
cells – this makes me ecstatic and fills me up to unprecedented levels of

Great work and I am looking forward to learning more from you and
spreading the knowledge to all my friends, family and the world!

Ewa Zyto






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