My Favorite Bounce + Benefits of Rebounding

My Favorite Bounce + Benefits of Rebounding

Easy Side to Side Bounce

Hop on your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and lightly bounce side to side for three minutes. Between every strength move done on or off the trampoline, bounce like this for one minute to create fun, low impact intervals. To follow an interval program like this, try BarreAmped Bounce DVD (Intro below)!

When we combine rebound and barre (BarreAmped Bounce) the results are incredible. You will get a feel good cardio workout, mixed with strengthening barre moves that are kicked up a notch but the unstable surface. These workouts will leave you feeling energized and challenged! It is also just really fun to bounce! Rebounding is a great low impact cardiovascular exercise and is also very good for cleansing the lymphatic system, which will support your immune system and encourage detoxification!

If you don’t have a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline yet you can get one HERE!

If you are a studio who wants to add rebounders or rebounding barre to your schedule, you can email us at info(at)barreamped(dot)com for more information.


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