Fit In 40 Holiday Challenge Finalists

Fit In 40 Holiday Challenge Finalists

We had such a tough time deciding that we chose FOUR finalists for the Fit In 40 Holiday Challenge! Now it is up to YOU to decide who the grand prize winner will be! Read and watch their testimonials below then head to the Suzanne Bowen Fitness Facebook Page and comment on this post with who you think should win 1 year of FREE streaming with Suzanne!

Finalist #1: Anna R.

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Finalist #2: Loreta S.

Loreta told us what she loves about SBF.

1. I love SBF, because, no matter, how down I feel, I can count on ANY of the workouts to lift me up-spiritually and physically (hello round butt!)
2. I love SBF, because Suzanne understands me and my needs (and why wouldn’t she-she is in my living room every single morning)
3. I love SBF, because, let’s be real here-the workouts stream extremely well and if there are any problems, they are being fixed right away.
4. I love SBF, because it’s extremely affordable and no matter how poor or broke you are, you can really afford it.
5. I love SBF, because I can do it in every corner of my house. And let me elaborate on that one-we live in a very small house and with my mom here, it got even tighter. So I start my workouts in a living room till my child wakes up, then I move to the dining room and after everyone else is up, I am stretching in a bedroom. Believe me-if I can do it, everyone can do it.
6. I love SBF, because after doing Suzanne’s workouts for a while my road rages disappeared and now I am reacting much more calm to idiots driving out there.
7. I love SBF, because no matter how busy Suzanne is, she always has time to comment in our group and that just blows my mind.
8. I love SBF, because I can count on Paris to make me smile and my child just squeaks from happiness when she sees her.
9. I love SBF, because, I’ve never heard from Suzanne ,that I need to be one way or another-I just need to be ME!(and who cares, that I can’t do splits and never will be able to do them, I can just modify heck out of them).
10. I love SBF, because, after having my wrist shattered, I thought, I will be never able to do push ups and I am not even talking about planks or holly grail side plank. But guess what-I did it!!! The side plank!!! I still can’t believe it. So being calm and consistency do work!
11. I love SBF, because Suzanne never screams at me, never berates me or makes me feel like a complete loser if I can’t do something.
12. I love SBF, because when I have anxiety, I can always do stretch for the arms and I feel relaxed right away.
13. I love SBF, because Suzanne always makes time to record new workouts for us all and even release some new DVD’s!(BarreAmped-I am talking about you!)
14. I love SBF, because it makes it possible for my 4 year old daughter to exercise with me.
15. I love SBF, because, my mom, who is almost 70 years old, seeing me exercising every morning, gave her motivation to move too and hopefully make her life much longer.
16. I love SBF, because I met so many nice women throughout the Facebook group-it just proves, that the power of support and friendship can do miracles!
17. I love SBF, because I don’t need to jump, run or in some other way damage my knees just to get my cardio in.(can everyone say AMEN to the feel good cardio?!!!)
18. I love SBF, because I WANT to get up in a morning! It may sound funny or strange, but thanks to some workouts, I lost my will to get up in a morning and that’s the most terrible feeling for the young person.I kid you not!
19. I love SBF, because Suzanne made me LOVE my imperfections!
20. I love SBF, because, I will just keep adding stuff to that list for many years to come!

Finalist #3: Jennifer S.

You will notice that Jennifer is using one of our only produced BarreAmped Barres in her video!:)

Finalist #4: Jessica K.

The Fit in 40 challenge was more than just daily workouts and encouragement to be healthy.  This group of ladies that has developed into a support group for all aspects of life.  It has been truly amazing how across the world online this has turned into something so special in our daily lives.

Fit in 40 helped support all of us to get through the 2013 holiday season in many ways.  There were great challenging workouts that could fit into a difficult schedule that made working out a positive part in my life and easy to do.  The encouragement from the group on different struggles we experience during the holidays with sickness, family, work, personal healing and even loss of a loved ones.

Each day of checking in to the Fit in 40 was not only reporting on my barre workouts but I was able to connect with so many ladies that had the same problem the same day and so many others on advice on how to work through.

I have gained a community of women in my life from around the world that I can connect with and keep the motivation going to be my best “self” in my many roles I play in my life.
Cheers to 2014

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