Get Better Results by Having Good Form in Pushups

Get Better Results by Having Good Form in Pushups

Would you like to know how to get better, faster results when you work your upper body with planks and pushups?  Rather than thinking about how many you do or how long you do them or how advanced your positions can be, you need to pay attention to your form.  Here are three reasons to watch your form.

1. When you keep good form you will be keeping your joints and other parts of your body safe.  This allows the muscles which are supposed to be firing to fire in the right way.  This will mean you be getting stronger in the right places.  (Not putting pressure on the shoulder joints or lumbar spine which could insure you).

2. You will work at the level you can perform well all while challenging yourself in the ultimate position for your own body (not your neighbors).  If you only ever feel your lower back in a plank then something is very wrong.  Drop your knees to the floor and lift your core.  Press the floor away through your forearms and lift up out of that sagging back.  What you have done is support you position on the knees.  You will now get strong enough at this level to then (and only then) move on to more challenging plank positions.  And maybe you need to drop out of your pushups or planks before someone else does.  When you feel yourself losing your form, rest and recommit to restart the exercise.

3. You will connect the mind to the body by keeping good form.  This means that you will become more aware of your body and form during the exercise and this will in the end keep you more aware of your body and posture post workout.  (Don’t you know you look thinner and stronger when you sit and stand up straight!?!).  Become aware.  And see how good form in exercise increases your being present in your body throughout the day!

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