Gratitude Challenge Kicks Off 10-31-16!

Gratitude Challenge Kicks Off 10-31-16!

We are coming up on my favorite challenge of the entire year – The 4 Week Gratitude Challenge! This is a time for us to be intentional about not only changing our bodies, but focusing on changing our mindsets. We can get so lost in our day to day routines and our out of control busyness that we forget to stop, breathe and really look at how amazing life is. There is always something to be thankful for, even in our toughest days and in our darkest hour. Over the next 4 weeks we are going to reflect on all we are grateful for and share and celebrate in the SBF community!

The workout schedule for the next 4 weeks will be tough, but fun and energizing! I want you to plan on setting aside an extra 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your workout or sometime throughout your day to journal or reflect on what you are grateful for. Some of the days you may have a list a mile long and other days will be harder to even come up with one thing. All I ask is you dig in, reflect and be intentional. This is going to pour out into so many areas of your life!

We will also have fun little surprises for you along the way!

If you are not already a streaming member you can sign up as a monthly member using coupon code: THANKYOUSBF and your first month will be 50% OFF!


If you are already a streaming member you do not need to sign up to participate in the challenge. You will be receiving your workout schedule the weekend before we kick off!

Below is an image you can share on social media to let your friends and family know you are participating in the 4 Week Gratitude Challenge and encourage them to join you! It is amazing what goals you can reach when you surround yourself with amazing people and a supportive community!


Let’s do this!!



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