Hip Stretch at the Barre

Hip Stretch at the Barre

Hip Stretch at Barre by Suzanne Bowen


Don’t worry!  You can do this amazing hip stretch anywhere with a ledge.  I recommend the back of a sofa, low sturdy chair back or even banister.


    1. 1. Bring your leg up and across the back edge of your chosen support with the opposite heel lifted. Keep your stretching hip’s foot flexed to protect the ligaments in your knee.


    1. 2. Keeping heart and chest lifted and spine long, slowly begin to square off your hips (This may take weeks!)


    1. 3. As your flexibility increases, lower your standing heel to the floor without allowing the hips to turn back out.


    1. 4. With hips square and heel on the floor, then and only then can you begin leaning over the leg with a neutral spine.  Remember form first and then move on to more advanced moves!


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