Let's Get Outside Workout

Let’s Get Outside Workout

Walking Lunges

Tired of being in the gym?  Sick of stale air?  Get outside with me and enjoy this allover interval workout.

All you need:  plenty of water, 30 minutes, a stop watch, and a determined attitude.  Optional additions: mat and iPod.

I always want you to listen to your body and modify by holding support or dropping down to a more basic level if things are too hard.

Start with a light jog.  I find a good soft surface and I run on the balls of my feet with upright alignment in my Merrell Barefoot Shoes.

Jog: 5 Minutes (cardio) (start light and as you get warm speed up; set your focus, set your intentions and think: Yes I Can!).

Walking Lunges: 2 Minutes (lower body fat burn and leg sculptor)

Walking Lunges
2 Minutes (lower body fat burn and leg sculptor)

Walking Lunges

Stand tall, step right leg forward, lunge down without letting front knee pass ankle

Walking Lunges
Stand tall, step right leg forward, lunge down without letting front knee pass ankle.
Walking Lunge Middle
Press off right foot and stand.
Walking Lunge Left
Step forward on left foot making sure front knee is in line with ankle. Stand up straight.

Mountain Climbers: 1 Minute (works total body with emphasis on burning belly fat!)

Mountain Climbers
From Full Plank, draw back leg to chest without lifting hips or rounding upper back. Keep abs zipped. Quickly switch legs with control.

Jog: 4 Minutes

Static  Leg Lunge Pulse: 1 Minute each side (2 Min total) (stay low to shred fat all over with this leg toner; add front heel lift for more challenge).

Static Right Leg Lunge
Assume Right Leg Lunge. Drop back leg toward ground (without touching) and pulse up and down with small controlled movements for one minute; change sides.

Static Plie Oblique Crunches: 1 Minute side to side (a serious compound exercise that combines isometric legs with upper back and obliques).

Plie Obliques
Step out into a wide turn out with knees over ankles and thighs and feet aligned. Hands to heart center. Press hands and engage back and chest muscles.  Be present!
Plie Obliques to Knee
Keeping legs still, abs in and spine neutral, bring shoulder/elbow to knee alternating sides.

Jog: 2 Minutes

Mountain Climber Twist: 1 Minute (works allover body with oblique twists).

Mountain Climber Twist
From Full Plank with abs in, hips and upper back down, draw back knee to opposite elbow and quickly twist/switch legs.

Rest: 1 Minute to recover and hydrate. (Be sure to hydrate throughout workout, too!).

T-Stand Balance Side Leg Lift: 1 Minute each side (2 Min total). (works upper body with emphasis on upper outer back, obliques, & shoulder).

T-Stand Balance with Leg Lift
Keep standing arm under shoulder and lift into T-Stand stacking shoulders and hips. Lift top leg up. Hold. For modification, keep top leg down and in front of bottom leg for balance.

Static Plie Oblique Crunches: 1 Minute side to side

Plie Obliques Second Round
For this round, try to go a little deeper in legs.

Walking Lunges: 1 Minute

Walking Lunges Round Two
For this round, try bring back leg a little close to the ground.

T-Stand Balance Side Leg Lift: 30 Seconds Each Side (1 Min total)

T-Stand Side Second Round
For this round, perfect form by lifting the side a little higher to engage waist and upper back. Feel Strong!

Jog 2 Minutes

Cool Down (do not skip). This part is just as important to your workout as the strength and cardio portion. Breathe, be present, stretch and relax.  Enjoy the feeling you have now in your body verses when you began.  You did it!

Front of Leg Stretch: 30 Seconds each side (1 Min total)

Front of Leg Stretch
Holding something for balance, stand tall and take front foot into hands. Tuck hips as you pull knee down toward ground to stretch quads/hip flexors. Breathe and repeat other side.

Figure Four Hip Stretch: 30 Seconds each side (1 Min total)

Figure Four
Bring front leg on top of back thigh. Keep front foot flexed. Sit back like sitting hips in a chair with knee turned out, chest lifted and hips “untucked” to open hips.

Back of Leg Stretch: 30 Seconds each side (1 Min total)

Back of Leg
Take front leg out stretch and parallel in front of hips. Keep front leg straight, back neutral with hips untucked and chest up, bend back leg until you feel the entire back of front leg stretching. Hold and breathe. Repeat other side.

Chest Stretch: 30 Seconds each side (1 Min total)

Chest Stretch
Standing at your support bring arm in line with shoulder and then turn body in opposite direction to open the chest and front of arm. Breathe and repeat. Awesome stretch for chronic tightness!

Back Stretch: 30 Seconds each side (1 Min total)

Back Shoulder Stretch
Take overhand hold of support with thumb down. Turn opposite shoulder in toward stretching side to open back shoulder and upper back area. Repeat.

Reach to Sky Back Extension: 30 seconds

Reach to Sky Back Extension
Standing parallel, reach as high as you can and breathe up slightly arching back.

 Toe Touch Back Flexion: 30 seconds

Lower Back Flexion
Now slowly and with control, round down over the legs allowing the back to release and body to hang down in a forward bend. Keep knees soft if you need to but it’s better if you can keep them straight! Breathe.

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