Lower Body Barre Workout

Lower Body Barre Workout

Last week I had the honor of guest teaching at Cal-a-Vie Resort and Spa in Vista, California. It was my 40th birthday and I chose to start the year off with my own renaissance. I was fed local organic foods which never disappointed. I worked out with amazing teachers and guests. I took new-to-me classes as well as old school weight lifting classes, and I taught BarreAmped classes as well as stretching classes. I had a blast. I will doing a blog post this week reviewing my stay and can’t wait to share more with you! While I was there I did some lower body workouts by the pool that I wanted to share with you.

I have decided to embrace my 40th birthday and not hide my age! Why should we ever be tempted to be ashamed of all the years we have lived and all the wisdom we have achieved. Here is a barre workout you can do any time, anywhere. Make sure you are warm before doing these moves. And if you would like to work out with me in my streaming classes, please sign up today!

This workout will have your legs toned and booty lifted in no time! Start by warming up with a 5 minute walk. Then find something to hold for balance. Do this sequence one to three times. Follow with one minute of stretching on both sides.


Bring feet under hips in a parallel distance position. Raise heels and bend knees keeping shoulders over hips and hips over heels. Lower down so that you feel the tops of the thighs. Stay there for one minute.



From Parallel, take one leg back and rock entire torso over a soft standing leg on four counts. Do this for one minute then switch sides.




From Parallel bring one leg back and behind the hip. Keep core strong and back stable. Lift leg without letting back move. Do this for one minute then switch sides.




Step out into a wide plie and keep your knees in line with your feet. Raise heels keeping the weight in the big and second toes. Bend knees and lower down keeping your head in line with your spine and lower back neutral. Lower down and up a few inches for two minutes.


Download the printable workout here! Lower Body Barre Workout[smallpdf.com]

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