New SBf Studio

New SBf Studio

Here it is!  My new studio!  After almost three years of owning a local client based studio in Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville, my husband, Levi, and I set out to find the perfect location for our newest venture.  Because we realized the trend of working out On Demand and on any device such as iPads or laptops or smartphones, we wanted to build a modern and private studio near our home so that I could create and film workouts for you all the time!  It is so my passion to create quality workouts that will help you reach your goals.

It was beginning to get frustrating as we looked for suitable locations in Franklin where we could build a cool set and also offer trainings and private lessons as well as house offices and our daughter’s home school classroom!!! (Yes, I know!  I must be crazy!).  But one day I found this warehouse listed.  It was an old paint shop and had 20 foot ceilings.  It was wide open and empty. And it was already taken! Ugh!  So I gave the lady my name and said if the person who wants it falls through, please call me.  Two hours later the phone rang and she said if you can bring us a check today, it is yours.  Check in the hand, lease signed, we snatched it up and began the transformation!
We picked out the design and Levi, a general contractor, got to work building the studio/set.  We chose plywood walls and of course, installed my ballet barre!  Meghann Roberts designed my new logo and I am in love with it.
Suzanne Bowen Fitness Studio - Before
SBf Studio – Before
Suzanne Bowen and Paris in the SBf studio
Paris and Me on Set

Usually Paris and I arrive to the studio first thing in the morning so that I can work out, answer emails, prepare my daughter’s lessons, and plan what workouts I will film that day…  Oh and I often will be doing some sort of continuing education/movement/alignment course and that is the only time I have to do that before life gets crazy!  The offices are nothing special at all and exactly what you would imagine in a warehouse space.  It is our home away from home and we plan to film lots of cutting edge amazing workouts here.  We really couldn’t be happier and I am very proud of my husband for building such a masterpiece!

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