New Workout + Life Updates

New Workout + Life Updates

I can’t believe it’s already the end of June! This year is flying. I have had several big undertakings this year including creating and starring in Prevention Magazine’s Flat Belly Barre DVD series. That was really a fun and also exhausting project but I am so pleased with the end result. I simply love sharing my desire to teach non-punishing workouts with new women as my passion for freedom from the chains of perfection grows more and more.

Launching BarreAmped Bounce Online Teacher Training has also been a huge feat. Very thankful to my team who I couldn’t do without in these ventures.

We moved into our new house here in Florida and continued to homeschool our children. I recently had corrective eye surgery which was far more involved than I expected!

But though I have been very busy with business and creating new workouts, I have also had some health issues which have mainly caused headaches and insomnia. I headed to do a sleep study in Murfreesboro, TN, because I needed to rule out sleep apnea which runs in my family. When the nurse practitioner came in to tell me where the sticky electric nodes would be, she said they would test my jaw joints for bruxism. I was immediately laughing because I have dealt with TMJD since I was in high school.

Results proved I did not have sleep apnea so I was sent to an oral surgeon who specializes in treating jaw joint dysfunction. (Can you see in my picture how my jaw is misaligned? My husband can’t see it but I can in every single picture of my facing the camera). The surgeon told me I had classic symptoms of bruxism and jaw joint disorder so he fitted me for a unique new splint. (I have had a mouthguard for years to save what is left of the enamel on my teeth but this new splint is different. I will keep you posted on how it performs). I am very excited to see positive results and hopefully be able to share with anyone else that deals with this! Feeling very hopeful.

Part of my tension release is always movement. Good quality exercise that isn’t draining or depleting but that makes me feel challenged, more alive, and stronger in my every day. We filmed some new workouts last week in Nashville and did a photoshoot. I can’t wait to share all of the workouts! Here is a behind the scenes video and a few pics from the recent shoot.

I created a new workout for you that is called “Light Weights for Upper Body” to sculpt and challenge the upper body without mat work or planks.

One of my favorite moves from the workout is this Arrow Arm Triceps Lift.

Standing in a secure but wide front lunge, square off the hips and shoulders. Hinge forward with flat back. Inhale. Then, raise the arm up to shoulder height. Then pulse the arm up 8-16 times. Hold at the end. Switch sides and move back and forth two or three times.

Tips:  If your arm wants to bend, lower it just a bit and really make it straight. Commit to the straight arm bc that is what will make the difference in feeling the back of the arm.Use1-4 pound weights in this. And make sure you are warm!


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