No More Excuses

No More Excuses

hollywood playground

I love to travel to areas of the world which have really nice weather but I have only ever lived in extreme, at least to me, climates.  Growing up in the southeast, I lived in oppressively hot, humid summers and pretty cold winters.  I have lived in the northeast where I had ridiculous winters where it snowed often.  I have lived in New Zealand where my allergies were off the charts and it rained a lot.  (Look, it’s so green because it rains and I am highly allergic to grass!).  I have never had the pleasure of living in a climate like southern California where it is pretty mild all year long.

hollywood playground

What struck me on a on a recent trip to LA was how active that city expects you to be.  There I was, in a park, pictured on this hydraulic back machine which simultaneously worked my abs.  I cannot say it did much for me as I am more of a body weight girl. But I thought, this city is so conditioned to movement and activity that they provide exercise equipment in city parks!  I would never see this type of outdoor fitness machine in Tennessee.  In fact, would you believe that there aren’t even many sidewalks here?  That drives me crazy as we like to walk everywhere!

But it isn’t realistic for Levi and me to pack our bags and move our family to San Diego. And my love for NYC and the northeast would never let me move out west permanently.  So what do those of us do who live in these sometimes dreadful climates?   Seriously.  Who looks outside to the dreary weather in the middle of January and feels like getting bundled up (and worse, getting your kids bundled up) to travel to the health club or walk through your hilly (or flat) neighborhood?  But for your longevity, waistline and mental health, you must bundle up or find something that works with your time, desires, and budget.

For those of us in cities that don’t support active lifestyles (like Nashville) we have to be more proactive. If you’re not into health clubs or unmotivated to walk in your neighborhood, then fine.  Find something you like.  And DO IT!  Let’s say you are more of a home exerciser.  Then make a library for rotating DVD workouts (remember, you have to shake up your program for continued results) and get moving!  You can join me on here with the 30 Minute Slim Down (which comes with an assortment of streaming workouts and a dietitian approved diet plan).  You can join health clubs ranging from $15-100/month based on amenities or you can join a dance or martial arts class. (My husband is now taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is loving it!).  You can follow a book or you can commit to a refined studio class such as BarreAmped where you get personal corrections in a group atmosphere.   If you have the budget, you could even hire a personal trainer who would keep you accountable.   The point is that you can spend as little or as much as you want.

But you cannot keep making excuses for not feeling inspired to get off the couch or off of Facebook to physically work your body.  Once you get into that habit of movement, you will love how you feel, at least when it is over, and you will have changed your mind.   And you will have helped yourself beat the Winter Blahs (or summer heat waves…).  ;)

I would love to hear how you are staying in shape right now.  What is your fitness plan?  Do you need help?  Join me on Facebook or on this blog where I personally reply to all posts. It is my passion to help people MOVE and be in the best shape they can be!  Remember, Shake to Change!

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