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Superfood Easter Eggs

With Easter quickly approaching I wanted to share a fun and simple recipe for my take on deviled eggs…Superfood Easter Eggs! This is a great side or appetizer to offer at your Easter dinner. I have only started eating “deviled eggs” in the last two years because I detest mayo.  However, my mom started making…

Need a Simple Way to Know What to Eat?

I have found the simplest way to know how much of what things to eat and it’s by using a plate diagram. This is Dr. Josh Axe’s diagram from his website and I think it is genius. I love how simple this is and I would measure the plate at 9 inches in diameter. (An…

Clarifying Lemonade
Cleansing and Calorie-Free Lemonade

Happy Memorial Day! It’s hot out there and we know we should be drinking plenty  of water.  I also have another cleansing and energizing option for days like today! I am excited to share my Cleansing and Calorie-Free Lemonade. An excellent source of Vitamin C, lemons are antibacterial and are full of antioxidants.  When combined with…

Breville Tea Maker
Breville Makes the Coolest Tea Maker in the World!

Drinking all kinds of teas is a wonderful way to get amazing antioxidants into your diet.  It’s also a way to trade out bad things (like Diet Coke) for good things (like organic white tea with stevia).  I have become such a tea drinker over the last year thanks in part to my friend who…

Matcha Tea
Matcha, the Quintessential Japanese Green Tea that You Should Be Drinking

Take a teaspoon of Matcha and put in a flat bottomed bowl. Use a whisk to break up clumps. Add a couple tablespoons of tepid water. Combine until smooth. Add either hot (not more than 175 degrees) or cold water. Sweeten to taste. Enjoy the vegetal beauty of this amazing, cancer-fighting drink!

Juicing with a Greenstar
Thinking of Juicing?

Juicing is a great way to get nutrients, and a lot of them, into your body fast.  There are many health reasons to juice.  You can get high doses of nutrients fast.  It is important to try to juice local, in season, organic vegetables and fruits.  Always “eat” your juices on an empty stomach.  I…

Superfood Salad Dressing
Superfood Salad Dressing

I am always in search of delicious salad dressings because I love and live on salads. I stumbled upon this one by accident and I am slightly obsessed. I don’t like conventional salad dressings by themselves (at all) as I usually think they are too strong. Often I simply use a little high quality olive…

Why Should We Be Eating Seaweed?

In honor of St Patrick’s Day, I am going to talk about green things.  You know I love green things.  Kale, chard, spinach, broccoli, romaine, teas, spirulina, Amazing Grass Energy, basil, cilantro and the list goes on.  I even liked the green peas that I made to go with our salmon last night.  (Not usually…

Green Tea
Why I Want You to Drink Green Tea

Who hasn’t heard about the benefits of drinking green tea?  I know that for years I was hearing all about why we should be drinking it but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to make it palatable.  I would buy some from Whole Foods and boil the water to 212 F and…

Local Strawberries Are So Much Better
National Strawberry Day? Choose Local Seasonal.

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