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Active Recovery Stretch

Warm up for 5-10 minutes with a brisk walk or another workout. STANDING REACH TO CHAIR WITH CHEST OPENER   Standing tall with legs hip’s distance. Reach arms up and stretch fingertips to the ceiling on a deep inhale. Exhale and sit back into a chair position keeping knees over heels as you swing the…

Stopwatch Plank Challenge

This workout will hit the arms, core, and even the lower body. Warmup for 5-10 minutes with a brisk walk or jog. You can also add this short plank challenge to the end of a cardio workout. You will need a mat and while you can count, as you get more advanced, a stopwatch can…

Classic Barre Thigh Work

This classic barre thigh routine targets mainly the quads, the major muscle group of the legs. Warm up for five minutes before starting this workout by walking, jogging, or adding this on to another workout. I suggest combining this with the recently posted seat work routine or you can add it to your more traditional…

SBF Lean Arms and Core Workout

To me one of the best ways to get lean arms is to use body weight. In this routine I have taken the workout outside. All you need is a bench and a stopwatch. Here is a video breakdown of the routine and below the exercises are typed out with more form tips. Make sure…

#Harlem Lower Body Barre Workout

You can take this lower body Barre workout anywhere you can find a ledge/stair and a banister!  Use a stopwatch (old school or smartphone) and do each exercise for up to one minute. Download #Harlem lower body Barre workout.

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