SBF 4 Week Holiday Challenge

SBF 4 Week Holiday Challenge

On December 1st I am kicking off the 4 Week SBF Holiday Challenge where we’ll be working out together in my special Holiday challenge workout plan as well as considering the art of giving during this season. The #SBFfitforfall Challenge truly changed me by focusing daily on the things that I am thankful for and by practicing gratitude. I am thankful for each of you who embraced this amazing challenge and who explored how it has changed you.

My hope for the SBF Holiday Challenge is that while we work out together and share our blessings we will embrace the fact that we are all unique and we were all made with a true purpose. My hope is for you to know that you mean so much to others around you and you have so much to give. I believe it’s when we step outside of ourselves, with thanksgiving in our hearts, and be bold enough to do something for someone else that we will start to realize we aren’t “our thighs” or “those last five pounds” or “our age” etc. We realize we are SO much more than that! I want to hear from you on ideas where you can become a giver of yourself. I want you to embrace this season with joy and thanksgiving. We will be discussing these ideas in our online community. No effort is too big or too small. I am excited about this and I am excited to share this magical season with you. Are you ready to be intentional, connected, healthy and fit through this holiday season? Are you ready to realize you are more than an extra cookie you ate at an office party? I know I am! I am ready to start spreading giving and generosity and ready to be inspired by each of you! Let’s do this! #SBFgives


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