SBF Be Your Best You Transformation Challenge Day One

SBF Be Your Best You Transformation Challenge Day One

Today the SBF Be Your Best You Transformation Challenge begins and here is your kick off video to all who are participating (and for those who are still on the fence!). I am super excited you are joining me. I want to suggest that you become active on the blog, the members area of the website as well as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Most importantly through this Be Your Best You Challenge, I want you to learn ways you can improve your life through what you eat, through how you move and through how you remain motivated to keep changing. While I think goals are super important, I also believe that lasting changes come from expecting this kick off of the Be Your Best You Challenge to begin a journey. And that journey involves knowing the difference between being your best and feeling the need to be perfect.

Here is my Week One Video and do not judge my tear up session. I just mean what I say!

Because we need each other in life but because this is a virtual challenge, I wanted to suggest some ways you could be and feel involved.

1. Ask Questions. (Have a question, comment or concern? Ask questions on any or all the platforms!)
2. Answer others’ questions. (Know the answer or have an interesting perspective? Please let us know!)
3. Tell us your story! (Do you have something you would like to share with me or the group? Share it for feedback, inspiration or help).
4. Post recipes which are clean, low to no grain or sugar and full of color! (Pinterest is a great place for this!)
5. Share the journey with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and let us know you did so! (This counts toward that shiny new iPad Mini 3G!
6. Give me ideas on things to address.
7. Inspire others and cheer them on!
8. Document your journey so that at the end you can let us know how the SBF Be Your Best You Challenge has affected you.
9. Create a board on Pinterest titled “SBF Be Your Best You Challenge” where you can post motivation, inspiration, recipes and pictures. If everyone titles their board this way we can search other challengers boards to connect, share ideas, and get inspired!
10. Follow the judges, their websites, and let them know what you learned. (Always use the hashtags on Twitter so we can keep track as well as let us know if you email or post on their Facebook page).

Please remember to use the hashtags #sbfchallenge and #shakeburnchange when you tweet or create a new post. We will be able to search these comments better!

Later in the day I will be posting the interview with Dr. Josh Axe. He is amazing. I am super excited to share with you his background and really great nutritional advice.

Remember, it is not too late to join in the challenge. The free ball giveaway ends midnight, Sep 9, 2013, but it is not too late to join the challenge at any time. If you find this and we’re three weeks in, it’s okay. The program consists of becoming a member of my streaming workouts on this website. My website consists of non-punishing but challenging barre workouts, interval cardio, mat work and stretching. Food guide and support will be provided! Also, the Be Your Best You Transformation Challenge will be featuring an amazing panel of experts including Dr. Josh Axe, Jonathan Bailor, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Michele Olson, Jenna Autori, and Jennipher Walters. Great prizes and more! Let’s do this!

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