Schedule for Streaming Workouts

Schedule for Streaming Workouts

Hi All! I have had so many of you posting great questions about the best way to use my member site and because of that we are creating amazing automatic programs based on your goals. Until then, I have some suggestions on how to pick workouts for the week. There are many lower body workouts (under Barre and Interval) and there are also many upper body and core workouts (under Mat).

*If you want to do three days a week, then do one Barre or one Interval and add a Mat to it. (60 Min)
*If you want to work out six days a week, alternate Barre or Interval with Mat on opposing days. (30 Min)
*Always take one day off by doing nothing or by stretching (add the Stretch Segment).

Never work the same muscle groups two days in a row if you are sore. You will risk injury. Of course, for those of you freestylers out there, you can always use our searches to find what you want and you can make up your own routines. But just be aware that the workouts are designed for lower body and upper body for the most part.

I LOVE working out with you! xoxoxo S

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