Summer Barre Bootcamp | 4 Week Challenge

Summer Barre Bootcamp | 4 Week Challenge

We are excited to announce the 4 week Summer Barre Bootcamp Challenge kicking off on Monday, June 5th! We are offering two different calendars to follow for this challenge. There will be a 4 day per week plan and a 7 day per week plan. We wanted to give you these options so you can best work it into your schedule!

What do I have to do to participate?

Be an active streaming member at Suzanne Bowen Fitness. If you are not already a member you can sign up HERE!

Join the SBF Be Your Best You Facebook Group for daily inspiration, encouragement and accountability.

Find a friend to do this challenge with.

Decide if you want to follow the four day per week plan or the seven day per week plan.

Check your email next week for the printable calendars so you are ready to begin on Monday, June 5th!

What plan can I follow next week while I wait to get started? 

You can follow the brand new 7 Day Stretch Reset! This is also the perfect plan if you are just finishing up the Spring Into Fitness Challenge. This will give your body much needed rest and leave you feeling amazing and ready to jump right in on June 5th!

Comment below if you are joining me for the Summer Barre Bootcamp Challenge!


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