Tanastacia... My Favorite Spot...

Tanastacia… My Favorite Spot…


Love the StyleOne of my favorite places in Nashvile is my tanning salon of choice, Tanastacia. Wait, before you judge me, this is a chic boutique paraben free spray tanning salon! I don’t visit tanning beds nor do I step foot in one of those disgusting spray machines! I did that once and looked like I had a disease. My husband was embarrassed by my splotches and orange essence. No, when you get sprayed at Tanastacia, the artists customize your color to perfection. You don’t smell, you aren’t splotchy, and you don’t have to wear things up your nose to keep out toxins.

lobby tanastaciaWhen I first met owner, Anastacia Wetzel, she was just starting out with her mobile tanning business and has quickly, within the last two years of my caramel complexion, moved out of mobility and into the most delightful free standing location of her own in Nashville. I know why she made the choice to be still. It’s because she is in top demand with clients all over the city. Who drive. Like from Franklin! To get bronzed by the best. This new Edgehill fixture has proven great because although she is very busy coloring the most notable celebs on the Music City scene, she always finds a way to fit me and my last minute appointments in. For this I am always grateful!

Look, you should all be proud of me. I used to sit for hours in the sun. And you don’t want to know how many hours upon hours I spent in tanning beds until I was 30. I haven’t been a “user” in many (well not that many) years but I have decided to take my skin back and try to reverse some of the damage that is already done. I still get out in the sun as I believe that getting some sun is actually healthy. But I don’t believe in getting the kind of sun that gives me the color I like. And I certainly do NOT tan my face. Unless it is by Tanastacia!

The new Tanastacia is about as beautiful as its owner is. It is a great mix of modern, classic, shabby and industrial… There is an inviting waiting area around a little tiny “fireplace” that makes me want to sit and stay awhile when I am there. Tanastacia also offers skincare, waxing, and even private parties. Once I went and there were several 14 year olds getting all done up. Super cute! (One of those times Anastacia fit me in).

Staff at TanastaciaAnd, don’t be afraid. While a single spray tan can set you back $35 plus tip, you can buy packages of tans which bring the fees down drastically and make customized, expert spray tans affordable (at least on special occasions).

Prepare to leave feeling beautifully bronzed! And you’ll probably run into me there. Especially since it is just around the corner from BarreAmped’s new Nashville location. And since I am addicted!

Tanastacia, 2108 B 8th Ave, Nashville, TN 37204 615 630 2021

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