Tea Time

Tea Time

I wanted to share my love for tea with all of you and let you know why I feel they are so important to incorporate into your everyday routine. Below I share some of the benefits of drinking tea and some of my all time favorite brands!

Benefits of Tea

1. Antioxidants- Tea is incredibly high in antioxidants which aids in protecting our body against cancers and other disease while boosting the immune system! Adding tea into your diet may decrease the risk of heart disease, liver disease, and cancer. Drinking teas that are packed with antioxidants have also been shown to be anti-aging and promote longevity. If you know that you do not get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, make it a point to add in tea to increase your antioxidant intake. It is proven that tea holds ten times the amount of antioxidants found in most fruits and vegetables! Below are the teas in order of antioxidant potency:

Matcha– This tea is a cancer fighting, fat burning, antioxidant powerhouse! Matcha is stone ground, entire green tea leaves that you consume to reap the FULL benefits of green tea. To even begin to match the antioxidant potency in Matcha you would need to consume at least 10 cups of green tea. Wow!

White Tea– This tea actually contains the same types of antioxidants as green tea, only in higher quantities because it doesn’t go through the extensive processing that green tea does.

Green Tea– This tea is one of the most popular! It has some caffeine which has been known to help with metabolism and weight loss, along with strong antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

Red Rooibos Tea– This is not technically a tea. It comes from a broom-like shrub in South Africa, but is power packed with antioxidants, has a high mineral content, improves circulation, aids in the absorption of iron, can help with certain skin conditions, and helps promote restful sleep. Who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?

Oolong Tea– This tea comes from the same plant as green and black teas, but is different due to the fermentation process. Oolong tea is partially fermented, while green tea is unfermented and black tea fully fermented. Oolong tea has been shown to aid in mental clarity and alertness.

Black Tea– This tea is fully fermented and aids in preventing cancer, improving oral health, improving bone health, and providing strong antioxidants.

2. Replacement Snack- Tea is a great replacement for highly caffeinated beverages or foods. Before reaching for the coffee or sugary snack, think twice! Often when we feel hungry throughout the day our body is actually looking for hydration.

3. Hydration- When you choose to drink tea over grabbing a venti latte, you are choosing to feed your cells and hydrate your body! Sugary and caffeinated coffee drinks are packed with empty calories and will actually take away from your body’s hydration, not add to it. Tea is one of the best things you can drink to hydrate your body and ,unlike water alone, it will also fight aging and disease along with hydrating your cells. Who doesn’t want that?!

4. Ceremonial- In our culture of go, go, go, it is important to carve out at least 5-10 minutes every day to just stop and sit. Put the phone and computer away, turn the tv off, and just be present in the moments of silence to reflect, breath and recharge. One of my favorite times to do this is while I drink my tea.


5. My Personal Favorites

Green – My favorite of caffeinated tea
Rooibos – My new OBSESSION
Blends – My favorite blend is a peppermint / green tea

My absolute favorite tea brands currently are Palais Des Thes, David’s Tea’s, and Republic of Tea (for the grocery store brand).

What are some of your favorites?

# 1 Tea Tip– When you are craving a sweet or a pick-me-up sugary coffee drink, start with a hot or iced green tea. It has very little caffeine, but enough to provide a calm energy. It hydrates (which is often why we feel hungry) and it’s delicious! It is important to buy organic teas and get used to them unsweetened. This might take a little time, but weaning off even stevia for sweetened teas is a great idea and you will get a better handle on the delicate flavors of tea!







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