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Why Vibram FiveFingers?

Why Wear Vibram Five Fingers With Guest Dr Josh Axe

So have you been wondering about Vibram FiveFingers? Have you wondered if you should switch from more supportive shoes to a more barefoot style? Well, I was fortunate enough to interview my friend, chiropractor and national health celebrity, Dr. Josh Axe, about these very things and got his views on why we should be wearing barefoot shoes. I think you will find this interview informative and you will be rushing out to secure a pair.

When I first saw the FiveFingers a couple of years ago I swore, no matter how beneficial they were, that I would never wear them. But, alas, now I am shamelessly wearing them.  I am proud to display my feet for many to gasp at my shoe preference (although not as many people gasp at all ten toes now since they have become more than a trend and people are used to seeing them).  I wear them for many reasons.  One is they are valuable to my posture and alignment.  I am strengthening my feet when I wear them and if you know me you know that I am all about that!  My clients and teachers all know that I say a whole foundation is built from the foot up!  I also love the way they feel (barefoot but covered!).  And because now they are cute and come in many colors and styles, I love wearing more than ever before!

I have many a pair. Some for BarreAmped, some for running (I only run on soft surfaces), some for the gym and some for doing life. I have them in many colors and many styles. I am a bit obsessed. I have to admit, though… I think I have a new favorite pair. I have lived in my KomodoSportLS for about four days now. I love them. I feel both barefoot and outfitted in amazing shoes. It is a very funny thing. So funny that my husband is worried I will start sleeping in them… huum.

So if you would like a pair, and for free, you should enter my FiveFingers giveaway!

Hey, ps, make sure to follow Dr. Axe for insightful and cutting edge health advice.  Look for more interviews with him like my upcoming, “Walking the Walk”… and check out the article on his site which further explains his stance on minimalist shoes.

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