I Will Never Stop Fighting For This Message

I Will Never Stop Fighting For This Message

I will never forget a few years back when we were editing videos to add to the streaming library. I saw a few of the videos and immediately starting beating myself up about my body and my baby abs. The very same body that carried my two beautiful children. The very same body that carries me through the day and is strong. Why was I beating myself up? Why was I allowing these lies to creep in? After about 3 minutes I shut them down! I became filled with a righteous anger for myself, for you, and for anyone who is told “you aren’t good enough”. You ARE good enough. Who says that our identity is found in our abs, our thighs or our outward appearance? Who says that? We need to live in freedom and choose to NOT believe those lies. We need to fight for this. For ourselves, for each other, and for our daughters.

What are some ways that you choose to live in freedom and combat the lies and pressures that seem to come at us from all sides? Comment below and let’s talk about it!

I hope you know I will always fight for you! You are beautiful, you are loved, and you are so worth the fight to know that your identity is found in much more than your abs, your thighs or your body type.

You can read and watch more about my story and my battle and journey with body dysmorphia HERE.

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