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Working your Hips? FREE Form Advice

When you are working your hips (glutes, hamstrings, low back), you need to pay special attention to form.  As you know, I am a form form form teacher and without the proper form, not only will you not get the ultimate results but you could get hurt.  Think to yourself, when I want to do “hip extensions” as in my exercise, Foldover on the Floor as shown in the video below, do I feel the glutes and hamstrings working?  Or do I feel my lower back?

Here are my pointers:

Make sure you are aligned (no matter the exercise).

Make sure you are pulling your abdominal wall in from the deepest part of your core to secure your back.  (Your back muscles will be working because you are extending your leg from the hip but you need to make sure that the low back is not the mover.  You must stabilize the low back and allow the leg to move inside the pelvis).

And make sure that you are feeling the right muscles working.  Begin to think about the muscles you are trying to activate to make sure nothing is amiss!

Look for many more videos on form as I want to help you get the most out of your workouts!!  XX S

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