Suzanne Bowen put 16 years of heart, soul, and sweat into creating Suzanne Bowen Fitness (SBF), a compilation of all the training she received, and given, over the years. Her mission is to help you build a foundation from which you can become not perfect, but your best, every day.

“I used to be obsessed with being thin. I chased perfection. If I ate something I wasn’t supposed to, I had to run to the gym to burn off the calories.”

SBF is a simple formula that brings the form, focus, and precision Suzanne learned from the Lotte Berk Method into a balanced, full-body workout encompassing strength, cardio & flexibility.

Suzanne At-a-Glance

  • Suzanne is the creator of BarreAmped, an internationally taught barre technique recognized as one of the best by Fitness Magazine and Natural Health Magazine
  • Suzanne is also the creator of numerous top-selling fitness DVDs and online streaming barre and cardio classes
  • Suzanne does extensive training with posture and prenatal specialists, including her friend, Julie Wiebe, PT, to stay up to date on the latest scientific data as it relates to fitness

“When I got married, I thought I had to be perfect for my husband to love me. Once I figured out he loved me for who I was, faults and all, it was a step toward freedom.”

“Your best, not perfection.”

Too many women say, “If I lose 30 pounds, I’ll wear that dress!” or “If I lose 5 pounds, I can find a boyfriend.” I used to be one of them!

SBF is for women who want to be excellent, but don’t want to get stuck on that endless treadmill chasing perfection.

“When I got pregnant with our first child, I lost the body I had worked so hard on. Having children gave me incredible freedom and that’s when I learned life really is about pursuing authenticity, not perfection.”

No matter where you are physically, the SBF method pushes each person individually. I have workouts ranging from 10 mins to over an hour, so there’s an effective workout for everyone!

I want SBF to meet people where they are. It’s not always easy to get to the gym. Whether it’s on your iPhone, iPad or in your living room, I want SBF to be there to help you become your best you on your schedule and on your budget!

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