As a woman who valued myself based on how I looked for way too many years to count, I set out to find a ministry dedicated to helping women know their true identities. Identities free of body image distortion, being objects or tools of slavery or believing their value was in some way related to how they acted or looked.

Before a recent trip to Thailand, a country I have often visited and love, I went out in search of a ministry there I could support. I emailed several different people, some Christian, some philanthropic, some friends, and they all pointed me to NightLight in Bangkok.

I have followed NightLight for a couple of years and have become moved by every post or video they share. I have also done my own personal research of the life of prostitution in Thailand and also of the modern day slavery epidemic and feel such an honor to now sow into this amazing ministry.

Here is an example of why I chose them and what they do:

NightLight also helps women come out of prostitution in Atlanta, Branson, and Los Angeles.

If you stream my workouts, you can know that a percentage of your fees goes directly to NightLight Bangkok to offer women tangible hope. It is such a great opportunity for us as believers in freedom and redemption to show people in Thailand, who could be from anywhere in the world, that they are valued and offer support to help them get out of this lifestyle of shame and imprisonment.

“Thank you so much for your support of NightLight. Women who were once exploited and without hope are now employed with dignity and living in freedom, with hope for the future.”

Annie Dieselberg, Founder

No matter what, though, if you are struggling with body image issues or identity problems, please consider volunteering to help those less fortunate in some fashion, be it NightLight or otherwise. I can promise you that it will change your perspective and outlook on your life. You will start to care much less about your thighs, cellulite, or supposed baby abs.

Trust Me! Your perspective on these issues WILL CHANGE.


P.S. Please visit the NightLight website to learn more and get involved.

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