Day 1

Barre 12


This lower body workout will alternate working the thighs and the seat. This is a challenging and fast paced workout so if you are just beginning you may want to start with a different target. If you are up for the challenge let's shake! You will need a mat to workout on and something sturdy for balance like a countertop of the back of a sofa.

Old School Fusion Arms on Ball


This is one of my favorite arm workouts with heavier weights. You will need a big exercise ball, too. If you tighten in your hip flexors from too much sitting, stand for some of the appropriate moves like Lateral Raises or V-Bicep Curls. Watch your form in this one! Have fun. (I use 10s, 6s, 3s). xo

Abs with Small Ball


This workout specifically uses the SBF (or new BarreAmped) ball placed under the sacral area of lower back/hips in efforts to keep spine neutral. If you do not have this ball, be very careful with the ball you choose. Listen to my cues. You're going to love the way this feels to the abs in a neutral position! (No warmup).

Lower Body Combo Targets


This is a compilation of the latest lower body targets with stretch. You will want to have your big exercise ball and mat ready, be warmed up already, and get ready to shake! ;) Have fun! xoxo (No Warmup Workout).

Barre 15


this target workout is for the thighs in all directions! You will need something sturdy to hold onto for balance. This workout does include a warm up!

Upper Body 8


This is a targeted upper body workout using only your body weight and the mat. This is an intense intermediate / advanced routine so watch your form and stay safe!

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