Day 1

Upper Body 8


This is a targeted upper body workout using only your body weight and the mat. This is an intense intermediate / advanced routine so watch your form and stay safe!

Leg Work Using Barre Moves


This is an intense lower body workout using barre moves off the barre. :) You will be shaking and burning! All you need is a mat to workout on and a supportive pair of shoes.

Abs 4


This target is for the abs and lower back! All you need for this workout is a mat to workout on. This is a beginner / intermediate workout. :)

Core on Wall


The Vault Series! We dug deep to find these old favorites. When we only had one camera and no real microphone! They may not sound or look the best but they’re still killer workouts!

Lower Body with Dynamic Stretch Cardio


This is a feel good cardio workout that uses classic barre moves to work legs and glutes as well as a low impact cardio move to wake up and feel alive. The cardio move has a dynamic chest stretch. Listen to your body. You'll need support and water. (I did this twice and my legs almost fell off!).

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