After having my last baby, I kept waiting to get frustrated that I was not the same size as I was before her. I keep waiting to feel bad about myself because that’s what I have done in the past. My body does not look the same. My body has wider hips, saggy skin around my middle, larger breasts and probably 10 extra pounds (I haven’t weighed). My body is different, but so is my mind! The bad thoughts aren’t coming. I have nothing but love and respect for myself. I have spent the last several months really working on being a better me. I have cleared out clutter from my home which freed up space to clear away emotional clutter as well. This method- you women-are always on my list of written gratitudes. I have never been able to be accepting of myself like I have been since joining this group. And that doesn’t mean complacent! I am striving to be better not because I am unhappy but because I love myself wholly – flaws and all.