In six weeks, I have lost 5.6 inches! The majority of my weight loss has been seen in my glutes, arms, and neck. I probably would have lost more inches if I have initially measured more body parts, but I think that 5.6 inches is a really big accomplishment!

Although I have not lost many pounds (about 6 pounds in 6 weeks), the inch loss is what makes my body LOOK and FEEL better. Moreover, I am a lot stronger physically and mentally than I was when I began this program.

Overall, what I have learned is that even in the midst of a busy lifestyle, there has to be balance. I must take care of myself and I must have down time just to be me and do something for myself. These past 6 weeks, I have enjoyed time exercising but also fixing my nails and wearing a face mud mask regularly. I have done these things weekly, and they also give me time to decompress from my busy lifestyle.

I began this challenge wanting to get a new mindset for health. I wanted to take the life back that an addiction to emotional eating had taken from me. I wanted to feel good about myself! All of these goals have been accomplished. My posture is even noticeably better now than before!

Most importantly, I learned that when I put my mind to something and am diligent with it, there is nothing that I cannot do!

Here’s to the next 60 years!!