Oct 9

Crunchless Abs Workout

Did you know that many muscles, including the glutes, lower back, upper back, and quads to name a few, contribute to the look and strength of your abdominal wall? Did you also know that you don’t have to go around pulling your abs in all the time to have a strong midsection. In fact, this… Read More

Sep 26

Fit for Fall | 4 Week Challenge

I’m excited to announce our next challenge that will be kicking off on Monday, October 2nd. The Fit for Fall Challenge will be the final challenge before we move into the Gratitude Challenge, which is my favorite all year! We will be using the next four weeks to stretch ourselves in new ways and get… Read More

Aug 29

BarreAmped DVD Complete Boxed Set | Workout Plans

I created these BarreAmped DVD Workout Plans to utilize all of the BarreAmped DVDs that are included in the complete box set. Each day will use a different DVD so you don’t have to take the disc out to switch workouts in the same day. I recommend that every exerciser works at their own level… Read More

Aug 3

Shake Out the Summer Challenge

I am so excited for the kick off of the Shake Out the Summer 6 Week Challenge on August 7th! Below are some details on what to expect! What to expect from the 6 Week Shake Out the Summer Challenge >> You will have the option to choose the 4 day per week plan or… Read More

Jul 14

Booty Blast 2 Week Challenge

The Booty Blast is back on July 17th! We did this challenge last year and it was a favorite, so we are bringing it back with updated workouts! I am so excited to emphasize the back body for this 2 week challenge. As a modern culture, we usually spend far too much time sitting, rounding… Read More

Jul 3

Independence Day Special + BarreAmped Complete Box Set Workout Plan

Happy 3rd of July! It’s almost Independence Day and I am so excited to share a special we will be offering! Beginning at 10:00pm CST the BarreAmped Complete Box Set will be 20% OFF. I am also excited to release this 28 Day Workout Plan that you can follow utilizing the BarreAmped DVD’s in the… Read More

Jun 23

New Workout + Life Updates

I can’t believe it’s already the end of June! This year is flying. I have had several big undertakings this year including creating and starring in Prevention Magazine’s Flat Belly Barre DVD series. That was really a fun and also exhausting project but I am so pleased with the end result. I simply love sharing… Read More

Jun 9

Prenatal Exercise: Modifications for a Fit Pregnancy

  When I was first pregnant with my now 12-year-old daughter, I immediately felt different. Barely registering a positive result on the pregnancy test, I felt constantly nauseous and like I could eat nothing without experiencing indigestion. I craved Campbell’s Cream of ANYTHING, one of the few foods that didn’t give me severe reflux. The… Read More

May 26

Summer Barre Bootcamp | 4 Week Challenge

We are excited to announce the 4 week Summer Barre Bootcamp Challenge kicking off on Monday, June 5th! We are offering two different calendars to follow for this challenge. There will be a 4 day per week plan and a 7 day per week plan. We wanted to give you these options so you can best… Read More

May 10

BarreAmped Bounce Online Certification is LIVE

BarreAmped® BOUNCE brings simple yet challenging BarreAmped routines to the trampoline, for a fun, dynamic workout your clients will love. BarreAmped® BOUNCE starts with the number one selling barre brand, BarreAmped®. Then, we combined it with a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and handle “barre.” The result is a fun and cutting-edge, total body, life transforming workout. Who gets certified? Pilates and yoga instructors,… Read More

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