Jun 23

New Workout + Life Updates

I can’t believe it’s already the end of June! This year is flying. I have had several big undertakings this year including creating and starring in Prevention Magazine’s Flat Belly Barre DVD series. That was really a fun and also exhausting project but I am so pleased with the end result. I simply love sharing… Read More

Jun 9

Prenatal Exercise: Modifications for a Fit Pregnancy

  When I was first pregnant with my now 12-year-old daughter, I immediately felt different. Barely registering a positive result on the pregnancy test, I felt constantly nauseous and like I could eat nothing without experiencing indigestion. I craved Campbell’s Cream of ANYTHING, one of the few foods that didn’t give me severe reflux. The… Read More

May 26

Summer Barre Bootcamp | 4 Week Challenge

We are excited to announce the 4 week Summer Barre Bootcamp Challenge kicking off on Monday, June 5th! We are offering two different calendars to follow for this challenge. There will be a 4 day per week plan and a 7 day per week plan. We wanted to give you these options so you can best… Read More

May 10

BarreAmped Bounce Online Certification is LIVE

BarreAmped® BOUNCE brings simple yet challenging BarreAmped routines to the trampoline, for a fun, dynamic workout your clients will love. BarreAmped® BOUNCE starts with the number one selling barre brand, BarreAmped®. Then, we combined it with a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and handle “barre.” The result is a fun and cutting-edge, total body, life transforming workout. Who gets certified? Pilates and yoga instructors,… Read More

Apr 7

Spring Into Fitness 6 Week Challenge

I am so excited to announce the Spring Into Fitness Challenge kicking off on April 17th! This 6 week challenge will be energizing, fun and challenging! There will be new workouts added, new workout schedules and fresh inspiration! To participate in the Spring Into Fitness Challenge you simply need to be an active SBF streaming… Read More

Apr 3

NOW AVAILABLE | BarreAmped Complete Box Set

We are excited to announce that the BarreAmped Complete Box Set is now available on Amazon! This set includes BarreAmped, BarreAmped Boot Camp, BarreAmped Strengthen & Stretch, BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn, and BarreAmped Fire Extreme Sculpt. We are offering an exclusive discount to the first 100 people to purchase! Use coupon code barrebox when checking out to… Read More

Mar 28

Special Offer!

If you’ve been considering the purchase of a rebounder this is a great opportunity! You will receive JumpSport® Trampoline with free Handle Bar & BarreAmped Bounce DVD plus Extra 10% Off with Code as well as free shipping! This is a great deal if you’ve been wanting to try out some of the new streaming bounce… Read More

Feb 24

My Favorite Bounce + Benefits of Rebounding

  Easy Side to Side Bounce Hop on your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and lightly bounce side to side for three minutes. Between every strength move done on or off the trampoline, bounce like this for one minute to create fun, low impact intervals. To follow an interval program like this, try BarreAmped Bounce DVD (Intro below)! When we… Read More

Feb 14

How Long Do I Need To Workout For Best Results?

The question I get most frequently (besides what kind of workouts I do or is barre the only thing I do) is about how much or for how long I work out daily. People are generally surprised by my answer. “Sometimes ten to twenty minutes a few days per week. Anything longer, like hiking or… Read More

Jan 31

BarreAmped Bounce Workout Schedules

I am very excited about the release of my latest BarreAmped DVD called BarreAmped Bounce where we use the bungee style JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and attachable and adjustable handlebar to create a unique barre space. Using the JumpSport trampoline and “barre” can honestly rev up results and take all the dread factor out of working… Read More

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