Feb 24

My Favorite Bounce + Benefits of Rebounding

  Easy Side to Side Bounce Hop on your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and lightly bounce side to side for three minutes. Between every strength move done on or off the trampoline, bounce like this for one minute to create fun, low impact intervals. To follow an interval program like this, try BarreAmped Bounce DVD (Intro below)! When we… Read More

Feb 14

How Long Do I Need To Workout For Best Results?

The question I get most frequently (besides what kind of workouts I do or is barre the only thing I do) is about how much or for how long I work out daily. People are generally surprised by my answer. “Sometimes ten to twenty minutes a few days per week. Anything longer, like hiking or… Read More

Jan 31

BarreAmped Bounce Workout Schedules

I am very excited about the release of my latest BarreAmped DVD called BarreAmped Bounce where we use the bungee style JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and attachable and adjustable handlebar to create a unique barre space. Using the JumpSport trampoline and “barre” can honestly rev up results and take all the dread factor out of working… Read More

Jan 23

I Will Never Stop Fighting For This Message

I will never forget a few years back when we were editing videos to add to the streaming library. I saw a few of the videos and immediately starting beating myself up about my body and my baby abs. The very same body that carried my two beautiful children. The very same body that carries… Read More

Jan 9

New SBF Food Guide Created by Trim Healthy Mama

A while back I reached out to Serene and Pearl, creators of Trim Healthy Mama, and asked them for help based on my lifestyle and the type of workouts I do and teach. I was sent a pre-released copy of both books and a personal seven day plan. I was excited when they enthusiastically agreed… Read More

Jan 6

BarreAmped Bounce DVD Is Now Available!

I am SO excited to announce that our newest release, BarreAmped Bounce, is now AVAILABLE! You can order your copy on Amazon today! This is quickly become my absolute favorite way to work out! BarreAmped Bounce is a fun, simple, and challenging collection of classic barre routines done on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. The trampoline creates… Read More

Jan 3

12 Week Detox the Stress New Year’s Fitness Challenge

Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2017 and all it holds for SBF and BarreAmped and I am most excited that I get to share all of that with you! On January 16th we will be kicking off the 12 Week Detox the Stress New Year’s Fitness Challenge. We will be spending the… Read More

Dec 14

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I filmed this review a fair bit earlier in this season and still have high regard for these companies, especially Lucy Activewear (well made, technical, and for all women), and Onzie (edge and price), and Kira Grace (best high neck tops), and Sarah Todd (my favorite leggings ever especially paired with my well worn, money’s… Read More

Dec 8

Shopping Local at The Fermented Farmer

I am not sure about you, but I am growing more and more in love with fermented foods. There is something about knowing an item is very healthy for me to help me love it in spite of a sour, spicy, or tangy taste. As my taste for ferments grows, I begin to crave them!… Read More

Dec 3

Gratitude & Giving Holiday Challenge

I am so excited to kick off the Gratitude & Giving Holiday Challenge on Monday, December 5th! I talk about it a little more in the video below so be sure to check that out! I completely let the Thanksgiving season fly by. Between shooting, traveling, and a busy schedule planning for the new year, it… Read More

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