3 Reasons I Love JumpSport and How Rebounding Can Shake Up Your Workout

3 Reasons I Love JumpSport and How Rebounding Can Shake Up Your Workout

Rebounding is gaining tremendous popularity in studios, clubs, and gyms across the country and for great reason. Rebounding is known for speeding up results with effective, heart-revving cardio that is kinder to the joints than a typical floor workout. It’s also known to help speed up elimination of built up toxins in the body’s lymphatic system. And let’s be honest, it’s just plain fun! All around, it’s a genius piece of equipment that I feel my home studio would be incomplete without. I am also super excited to be partnering with JumpSport to marry barre and rebounding into an amazing new workout coming in late 2016.

When I was shopping for my rebounder, I was looking at all kinds from the highest grade (upwards of $1200) to the more off the shelf ones sold in box stores. In comes my husband, Levi, who is the researcher in the family. He reads reviews and looks at anything we buy from a builder’s perspective. He found JumpSport, Bellicon and Urban Rebounder as notable brands in the market. He knew that JumpSport started out making the safest and strongest trampolines for kids many years ago. In fact, they invented the cages that go around trampolines that you see across neighborhood backyards to keep kids safer. I remember Levi telling me we should buy our kids a JumpSport trampoline for Christmas one year. His reasoning was that they were the safest, most fun, and best built. (We are waiting on a yard big enough to house said trampoline).

Around the same time he was looking for and researching trampolines, I visited my sister’s house. I had no idea she owned a JumpSport rebounder. I loved it. She had gotten it from Amazon and uses it often. It was about two years old. Levi decided to research JumpSport more and concluded that because JumpSport had mastered the outdoor kids’ trampolines, they must have mastered the rebounder, too. He loved that there were no springs but bungees instead which helped absorb impact. He loved how absolutely sturdy they were with their patented legs. He loved the raving reviews he read and was sold from then on. My 44 inch PRO was wrapped and under the tree for me on Christmas. When I opened it, I was hooked, and so were my kids and Levi! We now have four JumpSport rebounders in our studio. We do circuit workouts as a family. As homeschooling parents, we often send our kids to jump for 10 minutes before learning a new skill or if they are having a rough day. I cannot recommend these trampolines more. I am forever a fan and believe that rebounding has amplified the results from my typical workouts done on the floor.  


If you’re in the market for a rebounder, I urge you to consider spending the money on either the JumpSport 300 series (which is a step below the PRO series like I have) OR the PRO series. I put bars on three of my rebounders but one we have without the bar. The bars are removable but I have fun and feel super secure doing cardio moves with the bar attached. The bars are so sturdy, I can do inclined pull-ups and pushups and some crazy cool ab moves using it as support. I have tied exercise bands to my bar and worked all kinds of compound moves.

IN ABSOLUTE LOVE with JumpSport.  

If you would like more information on adding a trampoline to your home studio, you can go HERE and save 10% on any unit in the 300 or PRO series with the code “BOWEN17”. In addition you will also receive free shipping. If you are a studio who wants to add rebounders or rebounding barre to your schedule, you can email us at info(at)barreamped(dot)com for more information.

Happy Bouncing and Shake to Change!

**This coupon code will work within the US and Canada. This code will allow for the following:
10% discount on the purchase of 1 to 4 Fitness Trampolines from the 300 and PRO Series. 
20% discount off the purchase of 5 or more Fitness Trampolines within the 300 and PRO Series.
This discount will apply to handles, Plyofits and videos if purchased at the same time. 
The 200 Series Fitness Trampolines will not be eligible for discounts. 

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