3 Stretches to De-Stress at the Office

3 Stretches to De-Stress at the Office

When you’re at the office or at your home computer (or anywhere) feeling stressed or like you need a release of tension, do these three light stretches.


Stand up and bring arms behind your back.  Lightly clasp hands, pull shoulder blades together, press shoulders down and then bring, if you can, the heels of the hands together. Take deep breaths in. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

Tip: If you feel your breath is inhibited a bit, you need to do this stretch more because you’re neck and chest muscles could be pretty tight from shallow chest breathing for forward head posture.

Stretches: Front Shoulder and Chest


Bring right arm across the chest clasping other arm underneath. Keep shoulder down and gently press arm so you feel the stretch in the back shoulder and muscles underneath the shoulder blade. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Repeat other side.

Stretches: Back Shoulder and Middle Back


Bring left hand to right clavicle (aka collarbone). Take right hand on top of left to secure the clavicle. Bring left ear to left shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds. From there, bring chin to left shoulder to increase the stretch while you maintain the security of your collarbone. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Repeat other side.

Stretches: small muscles of neck and jaw.

Do these series anytime you feel your posture failing, your jaw clenching, your breath being held, your stress levels rising or whenever you want a good upper body stretch. 

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