SBF Thigh Blasting Workout

SBF Thigh Blasting Workout

Tone and define your inner and outer thighs and more with this quick, three part workout.  Al you need is something sturdy to hold onto, a mat, and a light hand weight.  Make sure you’re warm before you begin.

Holding something sturdy, turn out and step into a Wide Second Position.  Bend knees while keeping thighs and feet in the same line.  Raise heels so that the knees are above the balls of the feet for a firm foundation.  Straighten leg all the way up while keeping heels lifted.  Bend down and up for one minute slowly as you really feel inner thighs and quads.

Make It Easier: Drop heels (this will mean that the heels should be below the knees instead of the balls of the feet). 

Make It Harder:  Drop hips below the knee line and move more quickly.

Troubleshoot: 1/ Make sure your turnout in feet relates to the turnout in the thighs.  Often people turn out their feet more than their legs.  2/ If you lift heels, make sure weight is in the big and second toe and less in the pinky toe. 3/ Keep back straight and spine neutral. Do not tuck hips under.

On a mat, come onto your side with knees bent.  Align torso and feet up with back edge of mat while you bend bottom arm underneath shoulder.  Make a fist and engage your core.  Bend top arm into the side.  Lift entire body up as you reach top arm overhead and extend top leg out beyond the mat.  Repeat for one minute slowly.  Works outer thigh, upper glutes, obliques and lats.

Make It Easier: Keep top leg down and top hand on hip.  Decrease range of motion.  

Make It Harder: Speed up the motion and increase the move to 90 seconds. 

Troubleshoot: Make sure to align your bottom arm just below the shoulder to keep the shoulder safe.

From the Outer Thigh Shaper, bend and bring top leg behind the bottom leg and left back heel.  Place hand weight lightly on top of the inner thigh close to the knee (but not on it).  Raise leg up on exhale and down on inhale as you keep hips stacked.  Repeat this for one minute and then change sides for moves 2 and 3.

Make It Easier: Drop back heel and eliminate the hand weight.  (I am using a two pound weight in picture). 

Make It Harder: Use a heavier weight and speed up the move. 

Troubleshoot: Make sure your bottom arm is underneath shoulder and your hips are stacked.  You do have permission to ever so slightly lean back into the hip if you’re feeling pressure in your lower hip.

Download the Printable PDF of this workout here:  Thigh Blasting Workout

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