4 Barre Moves to Tighten and Tone the Lower Body

4 Barre Moves to Tighten and Tone the Lower Body

This quick, lower body barre workout can fatigue the legs and can be done in less than 10 minutes. You will need to be warmed up prior to beginning. All you need is a stable support and if you’re wearing shoes, make sure they have flexible soles.


Holding onto your support, bring your legs hips distance and parallel. Raise heels up and bend knees keeping ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips over heels. Make sure you’re low enough in the legs to feel the quads. Pulse for up to one minute.

Works: Quads

Make it Easier: Work higher.

Make it Harder: Work lower.

Troubleshoot: Don’t lose your form. Keep an eye in a mirror to make sure you are stacking shoulders over the hips. Also, keep your spine neutral. This means you will see the natural curves of the lower back. Don’t tuck!

Split Lunge

Take front leg behind you and bend both knees, keeping back heel raised. Shoulders should be above hips here. Pulse for up to one minute.

Works: Mainly quads if the heel in front is lifted.

Make it Easier: Work Higher and lower front heel down.

Make it Harder: Work lower.

Troubleshoot: If you feel a major stretch in the hip flexors of the front leg, step that leg forward a tiny bit. 

Lunge Over On Releve

From the lunge, hinge body forward keeping back knee bent and heel lifted. Extend front leg powerfully and without letting back move, pulse the front leg up for 30 seconds. Then, pulse up and down in the standing leg for 30 seconds. Both these actions activate the glutes.

Works: Glutes

Make it Easier: Drop heel of the standing (or back, as pictured) leg.

Make it Harder: Increase time to one minute for each of the moves.

Standing Seat Work On Releve

From the Lunge Over, stand tall through the crown of the head. Back knee stays soft and back heel stays lifted. Bring front leg behind the hip and extend it powerfully. Pulse the leg behind you while keeping back straight for 30 seconds. Then move pulse the back leg up and down in tiny flutters for 30 seconds.

Works: Glutes

Make it Easier: Drop back heel down but still keep back knee soft. Keep extended front toes down on the floor and simply “squeeze” the glutes.

Make it Harder: Move the leg down to the floor and back up in a bigger range of motion.

REPEAT entire series through again with the focus on the other leg.

Make it FLUID: Move through each move in one rep as I show in the video. Have fun. And smile! :)


Comment below when you complete it to let me know what you think!



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