New Year's Challenge | Month 1 Schedule

New Year’s Challenge | Month 1 Schedule

We can’t wait for the New Year’s Challenge to kick off on Monday, January 11th! This is a 12 week challenge but we will be releasing the schedules one month at a time so we can include new workouts and shake things up each month. Below you will find your month 1 calendars! There is a beginner and advanced option so you can choose according to your fitness level. If you notice that the workout includes a piece of equipment you don’t have you may simply trade it out for a different workout targeting the same area. For example, if the workout is “Old School Fusion Arms on Ball” you can switch it out for “Upper Body” or an arm workout of your choice.

This is going to be an amazing challenge! Don’t forget – be inspired by your goals, not overwhelmed. Let them drive you to keep moving forward. Lean on the community of SBF’ers and share your encouragement and tips with each other!

I am right here with you and we can do this together! Let’s shake in the new year!

Update me on your progress by posting on the SBF Facebook Page, tag me on Instagram (@suzannebowenfitness) in your workout posts, or use #suzannebowenfitness on Twitter! Comment below with what calendar you will be following. :)

xoxo Suzanne

**You can either right click and save the calendar to print OR if you are a streaming member you will receive these PDF’s via email.

Calendar — Month — 1/1/16 to 1/31/16

Calendar — Month — 2/1/16 to 2/29/16Calendar — Month — 1/1/16 to 1/31/16

Calendar — Month — 2/1/16 to 2/29/16


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