Back of Leg Stretch

Back of Leg Stretch

When you stretch the back of the leg, you need to make sure you are not rounding your back, turning out your hip, or bending the stretching knee.

Back: Do not round your back to stretch your back of leg. You want to keep the lower back straight. (You are more than welcome to stretch your lower back by rounding your back but not when the focus is on the back of leg).

Hips: Align your hips and bring spine long with crown of the head lifted. From there allow your pelvis to rock over your standing leg. Think of this. Your pelvis is like a bucket full of water. When you stretch the back of the leg, you want to tip the water out of the front of the bucket.

Knee: Instead of softly, or worse, totally bending the stretching leg at the knee, keep the leg straight and the posture erect and tall. Hinge over the leg and stop just where you feel you should bend the knee (or your back). You will not miss out on this crucial back of knee area of the leg which stays perpetually tight.

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