Behind The Scenes - What It Takes To Make A Top Selling Fitness DVD

Behind The Scenes – What It Takes To Make A Top Selling Fitness DVD

I want to take you behind the scenes on the set of my latest DVD shoot for the BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn DVD that will be released in November 2014 and the new Prenatal DVD that will be released at the beginning of 2015. So much goes into the making of a fitness DVD. Though a tremendous amount of work, it’s completely worth it when I see and hear about all of you that are doing my workouts and seeing incredible results. My favorite part is when I hear how your mind is being transformed in the way that you work out and view working out. That you begin to have a renewed mind about how amazing YOU are makes what I do worth every effort I take. It’s my goal to get you to step away from the wheel of chasing perfection and instead chase a balanced model of fitness and total health.

The planning and preparation begins months prior to actually shooting a DVD. What kind of DVD, what choreography, and what extra talent I will need is decided first. Then we have to find a location, makeup and hair artists, and film crew. Did you know we even have to think about what people will eat on set? Catering is always included in the cost of production but here’s a little secret: I don’t eat when I am filming DVDs. I go on adrenaline and some sort of caffeine. I know this isn’t the healthiest of “habits” but I shoot DVDs about two to three times a year and I cannot chance a meal making me feel bloated or tired. So I eat large at night! Don’t worry! I more than make up for my lost calories.

Once the focus and talent are nailed down all of my time goes into creating the choreography for each segment of the DVD. After weeks of practicing the choreography I send breakdowns and video segments to my always amazing background girls so they can be practicing and getting comfortable with what we will be filming. As the shoot gets closer schedules are sent out and travel accommodations are booked and we make the eight hour trek from Florida to Nashville, TN. We always drive because, of course, Salome, Natal and Paris are with us. Driving is just easier with heaps of gear and kids and dogs.


This DVD shoot took place at Marathon Village in Nashville, TN.  This is the same location that we filmed the BarreAmped and BarreAmped Bootcamp DVD last year.  I typically have a call time of 8:00am to begin hair and makeup. I worked with Christin Cook Zito on this shoot and she did a great job. Hair and makeup usually takes at least 2 hours before we even start shooting! It’s crazy what goes in to getting you camera ready, so don’t be fooled by those magazine covers you see all over the place. Those people spend hours and hours getting ready to look that way!

Early morning call time to get started on hair and makeup.

This DVD shoot was three consecutive days. Each day was at least 8-10 hours and completely exhausting, but like I said totally worth it! My husband Levi was my director and in charge of the filming on this project. He brought on David Molnar to be the director of photography and I can honestly say they achieved the best looking production I have had so far! They were absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for you to see the finished product.

Leigh-Ann, Suzanne and Elizabeth after filming BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn

The first day I shot with my talent for the BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn DVD, Elizabeth Finch of Zen Studio in Arkansas and Leigh-Ann Mims of Elle Fitness in Kentucky. Elizabeth shows modifications for beginners in the upcoming DVD and Leigh-Ann (who was also in my Slim & Toned Prenatal DVD) shows the advanced variations. It is always more of a challenge to film with talent and prepare the choreography for it, but these girls did such a great job!

Fun fact: We have to tape down the mats when filming so they stay in place!

On the second day we did some filming on my own for an upcoming stretch DVD and also shot the cover image for the BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn DVD. David Molnar was absolutely amazing and got great shots for us to choose from. We typically shoot hundreds of images to pick the final ones that we will use. (So when you are looking at DVD covers or feeling blue about how amazing girls look in workouts or in magazines, remember that you probably don’t have an entourage of makeup artists and lighting geniuses trying to make you look your best for a split second of a camera click).


Touching up hair and makeup between shots.


David Molnar shooting images for the cover of the BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn DVD.


Can’t wait for you to see what image we chose! I was wearing one of my favorite Kira Grace tops for this shoot.

David and me at his studio for another photo shoot last weekend. 

On the third day I filmed the brand new BarreAmped Prenatal DVD with our prenatal talent, Sweden Perkins. She was 32 weeks pregnant and did an incredible job.

It was a long three days and a lot of work leading up to the DVD shoot, but all of the hard work has payed off and I am so excited to release these to you guys soon!! Be watching for the release of BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn in November 2014 and The BarreAmped Prenatal DVD to be released the first of the year.


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