Tighten and Tone the Upper Body with this Lean & Sleek Barre Arms Workout

Tighten and Tone the Upper Body with this Lean & Sleek Barre Arms Workout

This quick, upper body barre inspired arm workout can be done at the gym, at home, or even at the office on your lunch break. Be sure to warm up prior to starting with a walk or jog in place for a few minutes.

You’ll need a mat and a light set of hand weights. The key is to start with hand weights that are challenging but that you can perform the moves with good form. I show three pound weights in this workout but you could use one to five pound weights.

For an extra shake up and more traditional twist, you could use even heavier weights like 8s or 10s if you reduce the moves to 8-12 reps each and do the routine three times. You should use a weight that is challenging enough to work to fatigue where you really cannot complete all the moves on the second and/or last set. (You may have to drop down to a lighter weight in order to do the Back Shoulder Raise). 

On all the moves you can use your breath. Inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up. Or inhale for one rep and exhale for the other. Just remember to breathe!

Set up the kneeling stance with legs slightly out and toes together. Stack hips over shoulder but keep spine neutral. Hold weights lightly and keep wrists straight.

With arms at sides and palms down, with control raise straight arms up to shoulder height and lower arms back down. Repeat for up to one minute. Hold at the top.

From the Middle Should Raise, begin crossing the arms in toward the chest in a full range of motion. With each rep, cross the opposite arm on top.

Repeat for up to one minute.

Lower arms down and shake the arms out to prepare for the next exercise.

Bring arms in front of the thighs with palms facing in. Raise arms up to shoulder height and lower back down.

Repeat up to one minute and hold at the top for the next exercise. 

From front shoulder hold, bend back forearm in then alternate forearm burls while keeping upper arm elevated and stable.

Repeat up to one minute.

Bring arms down and shake it out.

Raise arms up and out from shoulder at about cheekbone and at shoulder distance apart.

Bend arms in to the sides of ribcage and then lift arms back up. Make sure you engage your lats (or outer back muscles) or you won’t feel them and you’ll let gravity and your delts to all the work!

Repeat up to one minute.

Pick up weight in front arm and raise the arm straight back like it’s an arrow until you feel the triceps (or back of the arm) engage. Don’t let the arm drop.

Pulse the arm up for up to one minute. Hold 10 counts at the end.

Change sides and repeat.

Bring front arm out in a T position from the shoulder and raise the arm straight up. Lower the arm down and up in a full range of motion and repeat up to one minute. Prepare to feel your arms shake!

Pulse up at the end 10 times. 

Change sides and repeat.





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