Classic Lower Body Barre Prenatal Workout

Classic Lower Body Barre Prenatal Workout

This is a classic BarreAmped prenatal workout that you can do at home. It’s taken straight from the BarreAmped Sleek and Toned Prenatal Workout DVD. It can be done after you are warm from a brisk walk or five minute march in place. You will need something stable to hold onto. If you feel better wearing shoes, feel free to but try to wear some with more flexible soles for the first exercise.

***Before beginning this routine, make sure you are cleared to exercise from your healthcare provider.


Hold onto your support. Bring legs hips distance and parallel. Raise heels. Keep ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips over heels, as you bend knees a few inches down. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you start to feel your quads.


Keep heels lifted and pulse down and up an inch for up to 90 seconds.

**Troubleshoot: Make sure you don’t lean over your legs with your torso. Use a mirror to insure your form is in check. Also, don’t bounce or move too much in this exercise. You really want to challenge your body by staying low and only moving an inch.

Leg Lift_1

Holding support, bring your legs from parallel into a V position, keeping heels together and toes apart. Keep your left leg turned out and straight.

Leg Lift_2

Raise your leg up as high as is comfortable for you and your baby making sure to keep it straight with your spine remaining natural and neutral. Pulse the leg up for up to 60 seconds. Rest and repeat other side.

**Troubleshoot: As you lift your leg up, make sure you don’t move anywhere else in your body. If your leg is bending, lower it. Lifting a bent leg defeats the purpose of really working the quads. If you cramp in the feet, don’t worry so much about pointing the toes like Sweden is showing. As long as your leg is straight and only pulsing, your body remains still, and you’re breathing, just point the foot and relax the toes.


Holding onto your support, bring legs back into that V position turnout (heels together; legs turned out into a V from the hip).

Take left leg 45 degrees behind you with big toe down on the floor. Keeping the back neutral but still, lift leg in small inch-move pulses for up to 90 seconds making sure you feel your glutes and hips working of the left leg. Pulse leg up for up to 90 seconds. Repeat other side.

**Troubleshoot: If you’re confused about the “45 degrees” then take your left toes straight out to the side from the V position. Then take the toes straight back. That should be about 45 degrees from your hip. Then lift your leg up until you feel your glutes contract. That is where you want to lift your leg an inch. If you feel your standing side’s hip working, don’t fear! It’s stabilizing the position and that’s great!


From the Standing Seat Work with Pointe on right side, move back over to the left. Take leg back to the 45 degree spot, then flex the foot and really press through the heel. Lift the leg up an inch without anything changing in the back. Do this for up to 90 seconds. Repeat other side.

**Troubleshoot: If your back hurts, be sure not to move your lower back when you pulse leg up. It’s very common to see beginners allow their lower backs to be the place that moves the exercise when you should be lifting the leg back inside the pelvis. Also, be sure not to hold your breath! Baby and Mommy need oxygen. :)


Finish out by facing your support. Walk back about arms length from your support and bring your legs into a hips distance and parallel position. Keep your knees bent if you need to and hinge the whole body forward allowing the back to release and the hips and hamstrings to open. Stay hinged here for up to 90 seconds being sure to breathe.

Special thanks to BarreAmped instructor and co-star of BarreAmped Sleek and Toned Prenatal DVD, Sweden Perkins for modeling these moves!


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