Pin It to Win It!

Pin It to Win It!

It’s contest time! We have a couple weeks left in our Fit For Fall Challenge so we wanted to do something fun this week to shake it up. We will be giving away a Google Chromecast to the winner of this contest! The Chromecast allows you to stream workouts to your tv or speakers straight from your phone, tablet or laptop! This contest is all about spreading the word about SBF streaming workouts. Simply do the 2 things listed below and you are ENTERED TO WIN!  Winner will be announced on Friday of this week.

  1. Comment on this blog post
  2. PIN every image from this blog post and use #sbfpinittowinit and #suzannebowenfitness in the description


You can try the SBF Streaming Workouts for free with no cc required! Click HERE to try it now.


One of the best things about your SBF membership is how flexible your workout routine can be. You can do your barre routines from home or even when you are traveling. Workouts range from short 5 minute target workouts all the way up to 50 minute total body routines. The only equipment you will need is a mat and something to hold onto like a sofa, chair or countertop. Some of the workouts also require a set of light hand weights, a ball and a band as an advanced option.


Suzanne Bowen, creator of SBF and BarreAmped also has multiple top selling Prenatal Fitness DVD’s on Amazon. Prenatal barre workouts are gentle on your body while being challenging and sculpting, supporting your body through pregnancy and helping you feel your best after baby has arrived.


As an SBF Member you will also get access to an incredible online group of support. This group is filled with woman from all over the world that are working out with Suzanne. You will find encouragement, motivation, helpful tips, new friends, and be able to ask questions about your program.


One of the most exciting things that SBF offers is the custom workout plans and challenges! Most of the streamers participate in the challenges we have. The Fit For Fall challenge is happening right now and we are preparing to move into the Holiday and New Years Challenge. Try an SBF Membership FREE today to check out all of the plans and workouts that are available!

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