Cleansing and Calorie-Free Lemonade

Cleansing and Calorie-Free Lemonade

Clarifying Lemonade

Happy Memorial Day! It’s hot out there and we know we should be drinking plenty  of water.  I also have another cleansing and energizing option for days like today! I am excited to share my Cleansing and Calorie-Free Lemonade.

An excellent source of Vitamin C, lemons are antibacterial and are full of antioxidants.  When combined with filtered water and stevia, which has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, you create a cleansing, hydrating, cell-feeding and delicious power drink!

If you love lemonade and have a habit of using powdered versions full of either sugar or fake sugars, you should consider making a switch.  It will be more expensive to make your lemonade like I do but it will be worth it because your body won’t have to fight the effects of the chemicals and fake dyes that you should not be drinking anyway.

Here’s what you will need :

Half gallon pitcher
Lemon juicer (could be your hand)
Bowl or sink of warm water
Fresh Lemons (number dependent on juice factor, 4-5)
Stevia (amount depends on brand)
Filtered Water
(optional, lemon zest, lemon slices, herbs like mint, rosemary, or basil, and frozen berries)

*Wash lemons in warm water.  This will clean the outside before you cut them as well as help you extract more of the juice.  (Never microwave anything ever).

*Juice the lemons (For a half gallon, I might need 4-5 lemons depending on size and amount of juice).

Juicing Lemons

*Add Stevia to taste (if using Nu Naturals brand like me, 3 Tsp per half gallon).

Nu Naturals Stevia

*Optional Add Ons:  lemon zest (for essential oils and more flavor), lemon slices (for more flavor and beauty), herbs (distinct flavor and probably more adult), frozen berries (for additional flavor, beauty, and fun for kids).

*Add ice or frozen lemon cubes.

Fresh Organic Lemonade


*I use NuNaturals Stevia because it seems to have the best flavor.  But if you choose another brand, always follow the directions because some is much more potent than others.  My mom uses a health food store brand and she adds 1/2 tsp per half gallon of tea and it is super sweet.  So really be aware.

*I use inorganic lemons for juicing sometimes but never for zest or slices.  Organic is better for those since the pesticides would be on the rind of inorganic.

*Drinking this lemonade brightens my day and is a much better alternative to Crystal Light or Kool-aide.

*If you have libations, this would pair wonderfully with Vodka.  Just remember, limit your alcohol consumption if you are trying to lose weight.

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