Bikini Booty Workout

Bikini Booty Workout

standing split knee lift

Is there one area on your body that gives you a little unease when in a bikini?  (or bathing suit?).  I know that I preach to you to love your body while you try to be your best but I totally feel that I myself have to practice what I preach when it comes to the upper back thigh!  That area that is super hard to lift and tone.  As I always say, I believe we have to resolve that sometimes there will be some unevenness on the back of the thighs for most of us and that is okay!  But we can work to be toned and lifted in this high hamstring and glute area and here is a simple workout!  (So if you’re a guy, don’t fret, this is a great workout for you, too).


warrior 3








Standing parallel and hip’s distance, take left leg back and hinge pelvis over standing leg as you reach the arms out. Keep abs lifted. (Hold support for balance).  (Like Warrior 3 from yoga). Hold 10 counts.

curtsy balance








Bend left leg behind right knee as right knee bends (with right knee not passing toes) while reaching arms behind you.  Make sure you do not round back but do allow your left hip to drop a bit as the left knee reaches behind the right.  Hold strongly 10 counts.

return to extension








Return to the full extension keeping standing leg soft and core strong.  (Again, don’t be afraid to hold support).  Hold 10 counts.  (The work is in lifting the body back up and then holding it strongly; make sure you use your legs to lift and not your lower back).

standing split








Reach for the floor and lift the left leg high into standing split.  Always listen to your body and keep your right standing leg soft if you feel too much of a stretch.  At the top, lift leg in tiny little lifts for 10 reps.

standing split knee lift








Now draw heel into the hips for an extra hamstring curl from standing split.  Hold 10 counts.

Move to the other side and repeat up to 5 sets.

This small workout will help you become aware of that area of the back of the leg through strength, balance and dynamic stretching.  Remember!  No one is perfect.  Use this workout to become more confident in this area.  And if you happen to be a guy, you can use this workout to become more limber and stronger in the legs.  I don’t know many men who couldn’t use a bit more range of motion in the hamstrings!

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